Gmail: so you can log out of your account remotely

Did you lose your phone or was it stolen? Learn what you need to do to log out of Gmail remotely

Gmail: so you can log out of your account remotely

Gmail is one of the most used services in the world. Millions of people have a Google email account, as in addition to being free, it offers plenty of storage space and has a lot of cool features. One of these tools allows us to log out remotely. How does it work? Here we tell you.

One of the most important pieces of information is all the information you have in your Gmail email. In it are not only all the emails from your work or study center, but with it, you can access your Google account and even the sites where you registered with this profile.

Therefore, if at any time your phone is lost or stolen, you must remain calm, since Gmail offers us different tools to protect our information. The most effective trick is the one that allows us to log out remotely without many complications.

Step by step to log out remotely

Without the need to resort to an extension or a strange program, Google allows you to log out of Gmail and any of its services completely remotely, just follow these instructions:

  • Enter your Gmail email in your preferred browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge) from a PC or mobile device.
  • Once in your profile, click on your profile photo located in the upper right and then “Manage your Google account”.
  • Locate the section “Security> Manage devices> Your devices”.
  • In this section, you can view all the devices currently connected to your Google account (Gmail and all services).
  • Now, select the team you want to log out of and press the icon with three vertical dots> Exit.
  • Then confirm the process.

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After performing these steps, all the data from your Google account that was associated with the device will be deleted, regardless of whether the device is turned off or offline.

Gmail: so you can know if they read the email you sent

If you frequently send emails through Gmail and would like to verify that the other person has already reviewed them, there are a number of simple methods that will allow you to find out this information easily.

The email service of Google has a native tool that lets you know whether the recipient has read the email you have sent. You will find the notifications of reading your messages in your inbox.

Gmail: how to activate dark mode on Android, iOS and their web version?

Like other Google applications, such as YouTube and Google Maps, Gmail is also one of the services that allow its users to activate the demanded dark mode. However, most people do not know how you can do it on your Android phone, iOS, or from the computer.

In this sense, you should know that changing the Gmail theme settings to view messages on your mobile device more easily, it will also allow you to extend the battery life. Therefore, we are going to explain how to activate the dark mode in Gmail.

Gmail: is it useful to put periods in our email address?

Gmail is one of the most used email services in the world and, although it still competes for hegemony with Hotmail and Outlook, its capabilities have been growing for more than 10 years. Perhaps that is why there are still those who are unaware of some of the platform’s most useful tricks, such as one related to the points that are included within an address.

Surely you have noticed that many people usually put points in their personal email address, such as: “[email protected]”, but although this address may be valid, on the platform, no distinction is made to variants such as ” juanperez ”. Everything is clear when sending an email and, precisely, when writing said username.

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