Gmail Includes New Features in its 15th Anniversary

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Gmail has been Google’s official email application for 15 years, and it has more and more features. Google service users have been requesting a feature for years, and now it is a reality: emails can be scheduled in advance and sent at a selected date and time.

Google’s reasoning to “right now, send later” emails goes in the direction of digital well-being, which the Internet giant recently resumed. Currently, many of the professional interactions take place outside office hours, but only because some people send emails at midnight, bothering the recipients. The solution: the sender himself determines what time the letter will be addressed.

Google explains the new feature in its official corporate blog: “We want to make it easier to respect the digital well-being of everyone, so we add a new feature to Gmail that lets you choose when to send an email. Custom and schedule its arrival in the recipient’s inbox at a later time. ”

The programming function will be available to everyone, not just commercial customers. Imagine your utility for birthdays or various notices. However, at the moment, the ‘right now, send later’ feature is only available in the Gmail browser version. Google will also activate the function in the Gmail application for Android and iOS.

On April 1, Google also abolished the Inbox email service as planned. Most popular Inbox features have now been integrated into Gmail, although this may not be enough for fans of the application


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