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FM WhatsApp Download : Today many people use “ FM WhatsApp ”, but many people still do not know what are the features of FM WhatsApp and how to update FM WhatsApp. Nowadays almost everyone, and especially the youth, must know what FM WhatsApp is, but still some people are unaware of this. And actually they do not know why people download FM WhatsApp ?

You must know that most of the people who have a smartphone in India use WhatsApp. Most of their time is spent in running WhatsApp. But many people are looking for more new features in WhatsApp. For this reason, Mod Apk has come for many apps like WhatsApp today. FM WhatsApp is one of those that provides advanced features of WhatsApp to the users for free .

So today in this post we are going to tell you about this app whose name is FM WhatsApp . Many people are using this app today. We will give you complete information related to FM WhatsApp in this post . That is, in this post you will know that FM WhatsApp kya hai and FM WhatsApp Download kaise kare ?, How to Install FM WhatsApp? How to update FM WhatsApp etc.

What is FM WhatsApp? , What is FM WhatsApp in Hindi?

FM WhatsApp is a Messenger App just like WhatsApp, which has been made by making some changes in the official WhatsApp. In other words, FM WhatsApp is a mod APK of the official WhatsApp, which comes with advanced features of WhatsApp for the users. You can use it in the same way as you do WhatsApp. But in this some extra features have also been given for your convenience.

If FM WhatsApp to full form in the FM WhatsApp Ka Full Form ” Fouad Mokdad Whatsapp is”. The only reason for this being full form is that the name of the developer of FM WhatsApp is Fouad Mokdad. Because of this the name of this app was named FM WhatsApp .

App name FM WhatsApp
Last Updated  1 day ago
App version v18.20.1
Downloads 3M+
Compatibility Android 4.0+
App Size 44MB
Main Task All Common Features of WhatsApp with More Features
Developer Fouad Mokdad

As I told earlier that more features have been given in FM WhatsApp than official WhatsApp. This means that with the help of this app you can Hide Last Seen, Apply App Lock, Remove Double Tick/ Blue Tick, Change Theme and many more features are given in this FM WhatsApp. . So let’s know how to download FM WhatsApp?

How to Download FM WhatsApp?

FM violates certain policies of WhatsApp, play store and apple app store, so you cannot download it from play store and apple app store. However, you can download FM WhatsApp in your mobile with the help of the download button given below on our website .

You can follow the following steps to download FM WhatsApp .

  1. Click on the FM WhatsApp Download Button given below
  2. After that you will be given this warning by your browser (This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep) there you have to click on OK.
  3. After this FM WhatsApp will be downloaded to your device.
  4. Apart from this, if you search by typing “ FM WhatsApp Download ” in Google, then you will get many results there. From that you have to download the latest version FM WhatsApp.
  5. After this you have to enable the Unknown Sources option by going to the settings of your mobile phone, after that you will be able to install FM WhatsApp.

Requirements to download FM WhatsApp

Downloading FM WhatsApp is quite easy but for this your device must be Eligible. Here are some requirements for your device that you must have in order to use FM WhatsApp . 

Android Version 4.4 or above
RAM 512MB or more
Storage 150Mb or more
Processor 1.2GHz, Dual-core

If your mobile has all the above mentioned requirements. So you can enjoy its fun feature by downloading FM WhatsApp .

How to Install FM WhatsApp?

When FM WhatsApp is downloaded in your mobile device, after that you have to install it, so let’s know How to install FM WhatsApp? 

  1. First of all, if you are using official WhatsApp, then delete it, if there is any kind of important documents in it, then definitely take a backup of it. 
  2. After this you go to the download section of your browser, you will see a file of FM WhatsApp, click on it. 
  3. After clicking on the file, you will be taken to the Settings section of your device. You have to ok allow for this source, after that FM WhatsApp will be installed in your mobile device. 
  4. Now you can create an account in it with your mobile number. And you can also upload your old backup. You will see the option to upload backups while login with mobile number. You have to click on restore, after that all the backups of official WhatsApp will come in your FM WhatsApp.

In FM WhatsApp, we get to see very good features more than the official WhatsApp. And in this a lot of care is taken of our privacy. And with this FM WhatsApp is much more fun than Official WhatsApp. 

What are the features of FM WhatsApp?

If you download FM WhatsApp , then you can take advantage of all the features given below, so let us now know in detail about all the features of FM WhatsApp. 

1. No Need To save Number for sending messages

This feature of FM WhatsApp is quite great. Because whenever we want to send a message to someone in Official WhatsApp, it is mandatory for us to save the mobile number for that. But this is not the case in FM WhatsApp, you can send message to anyone without saving mobile number. 

2. Change WhatsApp Theme

In FM WhatsApp, you also get to see the feature of changing the theme of WhatsApp according to you. Which you do not get to see in the official WhatsApp. In this we also get to see many fun themes. 

3. Show blue tick after replay

This is a very amazing feature of FM WhatsApp. Because often we are not able to replay people’s massages due to being busy with work. Because of which the senders of the message often get angry with us. But with the help of this feature, we will read the message but blue tick will be shown to the sender of the message only when we reply to that message so that no one will be angry with us.

4. Change text font

With the help of FM WhatsApp, you can also change the font of your WhatsApp. You get to see very good fonts in it. 

5. Read Delete Messages  

It often happens to us, that someone sends us a message. But he also deletes that message. Because of which, we want to know this. After all, what message has the person in front sent us. But with the help of FM WhatsApp, you can easily read deleted messages. 

6. Hide blue Tick 

Through this feature, you can hide the blue tick that comes when you read a message in your WhatsApp. Such a person will not know whether you have read his message or not. 

7. Hide online status

You can also hide your online status with the help of FM WhatsApp. So if you are online. So the person in front of you will never know that you are online. Whether or not he will always find you offline. 

8. Massage scheduler

You also get to see the option of Massage scheduler in FM WhatsApp. Through this feature you can schedule any massage. At any point in time, that message will be sent to the front at the same time as the scheduler. 

9. Send large video files up to 1GB 

Through this feature, you can use FM WhatsApp to send a video file of 1GB then to the front. Whereas in official WhatsApp its limit is very less. 

10. Send Any document files

This is also a very amazing feature where we can send only few types of documents on official WhatsApp, same you can send almost all types of documents with the help of WhatsApp. 

We have told you in detail about a few popular features above, apart from this, many more such amazing features will be seen in FM WhatsApp.

How to Update FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp also gets new updates from time to time and new features are added to it, but we cannot update FM WhatsApp from play store and apple app store like official WhatsApp,  for this you have to visit our website. The help of the update button given above will have to be taken. 

If you have to update FM WhatsApp to the latest version. Then you should let the previously downloaded FM WhatsApp remain installed, and follow the above-mentioned steps to download FM WhatsApp latest version if you do not have any kind of error. If it comes then your FM WhatsApp will be updated but if you get any error in installing then uninstall your old FM WhatsApp, make sure to take backups of it before uninstalling, after that install FM WhatsApp latest version .

Other questions about FM WhatsApp [FAQs]

Can I run two WhatsApp on the same phone?

If you want to use Official WhatsApp with FM WhatsApp simultaneously in one phone then you have to remove Official WhatsApp. You can import in FM WhatsApp by taking a backup of Official WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp is not updating what to do?

If you have already installed one FM WhatsApp and you are installing another FM WhatsApp latest version then you might have a problem. In this situation, if you install the new version FM WhatsApp by removing the already installed FM WhatsApp, then your FM WhatsApp will be updated.

How to create account on FM WhatsApp?

 The process of creating an account on FM WhatsApp is exactly the   same as that of the official WhatsApp . First you have to enter your mobile number and click Next. After this you will be made to confirm your number, click on Yes there. After this you have to  enter the OTP received on your mobile number  . After this your  FM WhatsApp  Account will be created.

Can FM WhatsApp and Official WhatsApp be used on the same phone?

Official WhatsApp has two types of applications, one is only WhatsApp and the other is WhatsApp Business. If you want to use FM WhatsApp and Official WhatsApp in same phone then you can use WhatsApp Business and FM WhatsApp in same phone

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