Facebook creates its own store to buy stars

With this new option, you will no longer have to use Google Play or the App Store.

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Facebook creates its own store to buy stars

One of the dynamics to support the content that many video creators broadcast on Facebook is the purchase of stars.

As is known, viewers acquire these stars through payment and send them during the transmission of their favorite content creators.

However, as with many of the apps on Google Play and Apple Store, a commission is charged and the remaining money is what reaches the creators. To prevent its users from losing money due to this dynamic, Facebook has opened the Stars Store. With it, users will be able to buy through this medium using Facebook Pay.

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This New Dynamic For The Purchase Of “Stars” Will Save The Commissions Of Google Play And Apple Store. Photo: Hatsnew

“Today we launched the Stars Store, a website where people can use Facebook Pay to buy stars and give gifts to creators. […] In the store, fans get more stars for their money at lower prices so they can support their favorite creators, ”the social network announced.

The platform is also providing a bonus for the purchase of stars from its new site. According to the package you choose, Facebook will give you an additional pack of more than 30 stars. This option is not available through the traditional purchasing system.

It should be noted that it is not yet known whether these offers will be maintained. Therefore, the network is expected to develop a system to keep users active in its new store.


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