Does Apple have a holiday? The European Union is in favour of removing chargers from phone booths.

In addition, he advocated that the inclusion of USB-C inputs on devices marketed in Europe be standardised. What will Apple’s response be?

Through This Recommendation The European Union Seeks To Reduce The Production Of Chargers And Reduce The Amount Of Electronic Waste

Apple was roundly chastised when it announced that the iPhone 12 and other Apple handsets would ship without a charger or headphones. The decision was motivated by a desire to reduce the world’s carbon footprint. A year later, the European Union appears to have agreed, albeit only partially.

Although Apple has not stated whether or not the iPhone 13 will come with any accessories, it is possible that the situation from last year will be repeated; that is, the phone will arrive only in its packaging, and new users of the ‘Apple’ will be forced to purchase a charger and headphones in order to get the full experience.

Since the European Union recently published a statement on its official website urging that phone makers do not include any chargers with the sale of new mobile devices on the market, the Cupertino-based company will not have to worry about inserting these components.


Although it is not a need, it is highly possible that many companies in the market will decide to discontinue these devices since, in addition to lowering manufacturing costs, it will generate new revenue.

According to the European Union, the goal is to cut the manufacturing and disposal of new chargers by about 1,000 tonnes each year, resulting in less electronic waste.

In order to standardise this system, the European Union will also “require” electronic gadgets, including smartphones, to contain a USB port of the sort used for charging in Europe.

This decision has a significant impact on Apple because it will necessitate a redesign of the iPhone 13, which was unveiled a few weeks ago at the California Streaming event, in order for it to be sold in Europe, which will incur additional manufacturing costs due to the fact that these computers have lightning input.


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