Do you have duplicate numbers in your contacts list? We explain how to remove them easily.

If you consider that the manual version takes a long time, here we show you a trick for Android and iOS cell phones.

Android 1
We will teach you two applications to perform this action on Android and iOS. Photo:

Mobile phone users use their address book a lot to communicate and interact with people around them, but sometimes a problem arises when having several duplicate contacts because some people tend to change or update their personal numbers. A phonebook full of duplicate contacts is usually a problem for Android and iOS users because sometimes they can make a mistake when calling or simply make it difficult to find a specific contact in the middle of several similar names.

This happens when our contacts constantly change their number and we do not delete the previous ones, this makes our list fill up with repeated names.

For both operating systems we are going to use the same procedure: download a free and reliable app from the App Store or Play Store.

Duplicate contacts on Android

For Android cell phones, we will download the app called Duplicate contacts. After installing the application, we must grant the corresponding permissions so that it can access our contact list and show us a screen with all those that we have duplicates.

Then, we will verify which is the valid number that we want to save and which are the numbers that we want to delete. We select the numbers that we are going to delete and press the “delete all” button to clear the agenda.

Duplicate contacts on iOS

In the case of iPhones, we will carry out the same procedure but with the Cleaner application, which also fulfills the same required function. Also, they show us duplicate emails and unnamed contacts.


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