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1899: what the terrifying series from the creators of Dark is about

A group of people who travel from Europe to America in search of a better future will live an odyssey in the middle of the ocean

1899: what the terrifying series from the creators of Dark is about

It was one of the series that impressed due to its network of stories and positioned Germany as a factory of intense stories full of mysteries. This fiction that had three seasons, began today as classic police: a boy had disappeared in a forest in a small German town. But Dark became something much bigger and the different temporalities began to be confused and thus the viewer began to piece together this puzzle to understand the true story. It is considered one of the best series in history.

The series said goodbye through the front door and its authors and showrunners were happy in every way, work and financially. That is why they embarked on a new proposal also for Netflix. This is the 1899 series.

If the key to Dark was a mystery, the key to this new fiction is terror. Throughout the 8 episodes (of one hour) that the first season will last, we will see the enigmatic and mysterious situations that a group of immigrants go through that goes to America (to New York, USA specifically) in search of a new life.

The Actor Miguel Bernardeu, Star Of Elite, Will Be Part Of 1899, The New Series From The Creators Of Dark

But fear will soon appear when in the middle of the ocean they meet another drifting ship carrying immigrants. From then on, nothing will be the same and that trip full of hope and new horizons will become a journey towards your worst nightmares.

“Hello, is anyone there?” It is heard in the small teaser that we could see about 1899 and there are screams, moans, and the feeling that something is not going as planned. The camera takes the distant image of this drifting ship from the middle of the sea and the voices in different languages ​​follow each other with questions and scary music. The remarkable thing about 1899 is that it has a cast from different countries in Europe and each of them will speak in their native language.

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, Dark showrunners, are also responsible for this series, bringing together various talents behind the scenes of original fiction such as cinematographer Nikolaus Summerer, set designer Udo Kramer and composer Ben Frost.

The series began filming in the midst of the protocols imposed by this year’s pandemic at the Babelsberg studios (new Volume filming hub). Speaking to the media, Odar affirmed that the choice to make the recording in studios was clearly due to the conditions that the extreme care of the pandemic demanded.

“We are very old-school filmmakers. We are used to going to real locations, using real sounds and things like that, that was the plan for this series. The pandemic hit us and we had discussions about how to do a pan-European series like this at this time… it was the worst idea. We soon realized that it would not be possible in the near future,” lamented the showrunner, adding that regarding 1899 “the key question of this series is what unites us and what divides us. And how fear can cause division”.

In principle, the series is scheduled to premiere in early 2022 and the title of the first episode has already been released: The Ship.

The international cast includes actors who come from different countries. The list is made up of: Emily Beecham, Aneurin Barnard, Andreas Pietschmann, Miguel Bernardeau (Guzmán from the Spanish Elite series), Maciej Musial, Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen, Rosalie Craig, Clara Rosager, Maria Erwolter, Yann Gael, Mathilde Ollivier, José Pimentao, Isabella Wei, Gabby Wong, Jonas Bloquet. , Fflyn Edwards, Alexandre Willaume, and Anton Lesser.


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