Android: How to accidentally restore deleted smartphone images and videos?

There are several apps that are pre installed on your Android that help you in this task
There are several apps that are pre installed on your Android that help you in this task

If you have a really critical photo stored in your smartphone’s internal memory, but you can’t find that photo anywhere, you have probably mistakenly erased it. Believe it or not, this type of error among Android users is fairly prevalent. For this reason, manufacturers generally offer multiple solutions for recovering erroneously deleted photographs.

You may not know this, but your smartphone contains numerous tools (loaded from a factory) that generally back up your multimedia data, so it is not essential to download a third-party programme that retrieves the photographs you lost. Next, we’re leaving a few tools your cell phone ought to have.

Recycle Bin

Certain brands, including Huawei and Samsung, incorporate a recycling bin into their cell phones. In this virtual space, all the photos and videos you recently removed from your computer are stored, but be aware that they are only there for a limited time and are completely wiped. If this happens, recovering them will be a bit harder.


This application keeps all your multimedia files with Android phones (except for Huawei phones), as long as you have automatic backup. You must remember that capacity is limited, i.e. you will only be free of 15 GB. You will have to purchase a membership if you want a higher amount of storage.


This application is developed by Defiant Technologies and accessible free of charge in the Play Store. It mainly analyses the device memory or the microSD card in order to get the photos you have erased. Unfortunately, DiskDigger has certain limitations, which can be ignored when you decide to buy the premium version. The photographs are of low resolution.


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