9 applications to create reminders easily and do not forget any task

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Our mobile is useful for many things, but one of the most useful uses is to have a task manager always at hand. The smartphones are excellent to have control of what we have to do and not forget important events. For this, there are many productivity applications such as Google Keep, Todoist, Asana and more task managers with which to organize the day to day and say goodbye to the paper agenda.

However today we want to focus on the best applications to create reminders. All of them very simple to program and perfect to receive a notification just at the appropriate time. The task mentioned above managers also allow you to create them, but here we leave you with a few excellent design applications that will fulfill this task perfectly.

Design Material Design, free and with multiple customization options. With Reminder, we can create occasional or recurring reminders. It also has themes, tablet mode and has various widgets to take control from the desktop. All success.

To Do Reminder
To Do Reminder is a reminder application with synchronization with Google Calendar and Facebook where you can also export all the data to the memory of our device. We can define our tasks once or schedule them, but it can be done by writing or dictating them by voice. A viral application that without counting on the best design does work quite well.

With TickTick we have a task list application where we can set a time limit or create recurring reminders. It also has integration with the calendar. It is a free manager although it has a Premium version for $ 27.99 per year that adds full synchronization, more tasks, more lists and up to five different reminders per task.

Things to do
One of the best free task managers. An ultra simple design but many options. Widgets, smart and spoken notifications, synchronization with Google, taskbar or edit batch reminders. A manager knew but ideal for those who want to focus on not forgetting their tasks.

D Notes
Another note manager that allows us to create very simple reminders is D Notes. With very bright colors, integration with Google Now, TTS support, widgets, and no ads. Also with security options like unlocking the notes with the fingerprint reader.

With Reminders, we have a specialized application in which we can adjust our tasks so that they repeat when we want. We can also configure location reminders, which will show us a message when we return to that place or even every time we go through a specific site.

Atlas Reminder
Atlas offers us a simple reminder application. A bright and orderly interface where we can create tasks and set a warning message when they are met. It is the simplest, but many can find it useful if they want something without any complications or options.

BZ Reminders
With BZ reminders we have an application to set reminders for tasks, alerts, birthdays and to create a calendar to mark any warning, from drinking water to calling a specific person. It has synchronization with Android Wear, widgets and voice recognition.

A different reminder application. The remainder is very minimalist and consists of a list where we will share files, photos or text and establish a date. It’s as simple as, say, receiving a picture of WhatsApp and sharing it on Reminder. Or a specific article. A kind of minimalist Pocket with a particular date so that it does not get longer in time.

Bonus: Google Calendar
From the omnipresent Google Calendar, we can also set reminders easily. Once created, they will be synchronized with the rest of Google’s services. To do this, we must only press the red + icon and select reminder. Once there we create the task, we choose the date and when it should be repeated.

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