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Violent assault on Bebe Contepomi’s wife in San Isidro

Florencia Cardarelli was intercepted in Boulogne by two criminals who threatened her and escaped with their truck

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Violent assault on Bebe Contepomi's wife in San Isidro

The wife of the driver José “Bebe Contepomi” was the victim this Wednesday of a violent assault when two armed criminals intercepted her as she arrived at a home in the San Isidro district and robbed her of her truck at gunpoint.

The robbery occurred yesterday afternoon, around 2:00 p.m., in the town of Boulogne, when Florencia Cardarelli was waiting to enter a house on Carlos Tejedor street at 800 through the electric gate, according to police sources confirmed to Infobae. The entire sequence was recorded on a security camera.

The images show the moment when Cardarelli arrives at the scene aboard a black Toyota SW4 and, while waiting to enter the garage, a white Peugeot 308 with at least three occupants speeds up and stops behind the truck.

At that time, in which no one was circulating on the sidewalk or on the street, two armed criminals – with their faces covered by caps and chinstraps – get out of the vehicle, they approached the woman with violence from her window and forced her to get out. of the truck at gunpoint.

Assault 2
The Criminals Forced Cardarelli Out Of The Vehicle And Escaped With The Truck

When Cardarelli gets out of the truck, without resisting the assault, the vehicle goes ahead alone and one of the assailants rushes to catch up and start it. At that moment, his accomplice, still brandishing the weapon, begins to point around him and at a neighbor who appears on the street and hides behind a wall to avoid being seen.

Once the robbery was completed, one of the criminals returned to the Peugeot while the other removed the truck in reverse. Then they escaped at high speed towards the Buenos Aires town of Tortuguitas, Malvinas Argentinas party.

Cardarelli, who was unharmed but in shock after the assault, later filed a complaint with Contepomi at a Boulogne police station.

The truck has not yet been found. The investigation of the event is now in the hands of the prosecutor Facundo Osores Soler, who began with the first investigative tasks with the Buenos Aires Police. The head of the Boulogne UFI is in dialogue with Cardarelli and Contepomi and is working to identify the suspects.

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