This app allows you to edit videos from your iPhone or Android

This App Allows You To Edit Videos From Your Iphone Or Android

The VivaVideo application allows users to create personalized videos with ease, in addition to editing videos and photos for free, making the user an expert in short films.

The tool has millions of themes, stickers, fonts, sound effects and music to give life to those moments, whether in videos or photographs.

VivaVideo includes a new interface design and various editing functions, such as stickers, themes and a whole collection of music and sound effects available to make the videos fun and eye-catching.

It has a wide range of editing tools for videos and photos to stand out, you can also create a slide show, in which you can convert simpler photos into a personal movie with the additional functions of textual art and animated text.

This app offers functions such as cutting, trimming, merging, copying / duplicating video, collage and loops on a story board.

As for the effects it handles, it integrates more than a thousand components to modify videos, such as background blur, speed adjustment, fade in and out.

As well as texts and animated fonts, GIF, stickers for Giphy videos, music editor and you can use the editor of fast / slow motion to select the speed that best fits the video.

This tool is available for free for Android platforms, on Google Play, also for iOS, in the App Store and for Windows Phone.


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