Starbucks will stop using plastic straws due to the damage they cause to the oceans

Starbucks will stop using plastic straws due to the damage they cause to the oceans, the company announced.

Starbucks Will Stop Using Plastic Straws Due To The Damage They Cause To The Oceans The Company Announced.

The company thus becomes the largest to take such a measure, amid a clamor to reduce toxic waste. Plastic straws have become a subject of particular discord.

A similar measure was announced a few days ago by Seattle, the city where Starbucks was founded. Starbucks then announced that by 2020 it will only use biodegradable materials such as special paper and cardboard.

Starbucks is getting rid of the plastic straws in its locations around the world. The coffee company said Monday, July 9, 2018, that it will offer a cap without straw or straws made from paper or compostable material instead.

The cafeteria network announced today that in 2020 it will stop using plastic straws in its more than 28,000 stores around the world in order to reduce its environmental impact.

To replace the more than one billion plastic straws they use annually, the Seattle company will offer a recyclable lid designed by company engineer Emily Alexander.

In this way, Starbucks is presented as one of the first large companies to present an alternative solution to the global contamination of plastics.

The first to try the new cap will be customers from Vancouver (Canada) and Seattle, where on July 1 came into force a law that prohibited food services offer straws and plastic utensils in their stores or services.


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