How to know if someone is being unfaithful just by looking at his hands

A new study has analyzed the characteristics that make people more or less promiscuous, and it seems that it has nothing to do with gender.

Discovering If Our Partner Is Deceiving Us Is At Our Fingertips. Never Better Said.

Discovering if our partner is deceiving us is at our fingertips. Never better said.

From the analysis of gestures, to analyze a look or how is the shape of the feet, there are many techniques that can help us discover how someone is simply observing.

Many people cling to these attitudes or physical traits to know if they are lying to them. Especially in love affairs, either when you are starting a relationship and we want to anticipate unpleasant surprises or when you have been together for so many years that frictions arise that make distrust be on the surface, the possibility of discovering if our partner is cheating on us It seems to be at our fingertips. Never better said.

At least this is the explanation of a new study published in the journal Biology Letters that has analyzed the characteristics that make people more or less inclined to commit infidelities, and it seems that it has nothing to do with gender. This time the fidelity depends on the length of the fingers of the hands.
A new study explains that the shape and arrangement of the fingers of the hand could indicate if a person is promiscuous or faithful

Professor Robin Dunbar, from the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, and Professor John Manning, from the University of Northumbria, have been the authors of this investigation according to which the shape and arrangement of the fingers of the hand could indicate us if we are faced with a promiscuous or faithful person.

Researchers have also come to the conclusion that, despite the widespread belief that men tend to be more likely to seek sexual relations outside the couple, there is the same likelihood of being potentially unfaithful whether we are male or female.

Will your partner be faithful or promiscuous? Do not go around and look at his hands. And then, just in case, also remember to ask and make sure that your physical observations agree with reality.

The hands in sight

The study entitled «Stay or Stray? Evidence for Alternative Mating Strategy Phenotype in Both Men and Women »starts from the basis that there are two distinct sub-populations of human beings: one that is more interested in short-term love affairs and another that prefers to maintain long-term commitments,” explains Camilla Turner at the Telegraph.

The researchers analyzed the responses of 575 American and British people about their attitudes and desires towards sex without compromise. They found that some of the respondents were more likely to be promiscuous while others were more likely to be sexually faithful. However, the differences were not striking as to whether they were men or women, as might be expected.

Parallel to these surveys, they analyzed the photocopies of the right hand of 1,314 people -572 men and 742 women- to observe the 2D 4D ratio, that is, the variations or coincidences in the length of their index and annular fingers, the second and fourth finger of the hand.

How To Know If Someone Is Being Unfaithful Just By Looking At His Hands

Promiscuous before birth

The research found that those whose index finger was shorter than the ring finger had higher testosterone levels. This phenomenon occurred while developing in the uterus of their mothers and is related, according to research, with the tendency to sexual promiscuity of individuals in their adult lives.

“The 2D 4D ratio is an anatomical marker that shows exposure to fetal testosterone and the density of the same receptor, which reflects the level of prenatal testosterone’s effects on the adult phenotype,” says Manning.

While the group whose index finger was shorter than the ring finger showed a greater degree of infidelity, individuals with fingers of similar length were more likely to seek long-term relationships, without differences depending on the gender of the individuals. participants.

Gender Equality In Promiscuity

Gender equality in promiscuity

“We used behavioral indices  and anatomical indices (prenatal testosterone exposure and 2D 4D ratio) of three human populations to show that this may be because there are two distinct underlying phenotype in both men and women,” Dunbar explains. and Manning.
These variables help to describe two underlying mix models suggesting the presence of two phenotype related to monogamous or promiscuous relationships

Both men and women are divided into two groups, one more inclined to be unfaithful and the other to be loyal: “While men are more promiscuous and show greater exposure to prenatal testosterone than women in general, our analyzes also suggest that these variables help to describe two models of underlying mixtures, suggesting the presence of two phenotype related to monogamous or promiscuous relationships, “the study found.

Appearances deceive (or not)

However, Professor Dunbar considers that the differences of faithful or unfaithful behavior found in the participants are “subtle” and “are only noticeable when we observe large groups of people”.

“Human behavior is influenced by many factors, such as the environment and life experiences, which means that what happens in the womb could have a modest effect on something as complex as adult sex,” Dunbar continues.


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