Lele Pons celebrates that music brought him love with his single A lau

The singer released a song that strengthens her in her musical career.

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Although the lyrics of the song define her current romantic situation, the video tells an old story that Lele lived in the past and that she remembers fondly.

“These are two people who are very different and who do not know each other but at a party they see each other, they fall in love and when they return home each one has their partner. It is the story of how I met someone very special in my life , that we were not together, but we fell in love, “he assures.

Accustomed to the immediate and to working non-stop day and night, Pons begins to enjoy life in a more focused and calm way.

She has found in music a space where she can grow personally and professionally and that has taken her from Los Angeles to Miami, in the United States, where she currently resides.

“I am more mature with music, it is something calmer than making videos, I moved to Miami to continue making music and now I am closer to my uncle,” says the niece of the Latin idol Chayanne, with whom she has not managed to make a collaboration. , highly anticipated by fans.

With a three-year career as a singer, Lele is more comfortable than ever in this area and is keen to experiment with “different kinds of genres.”

That can be seen in his next collaboration, which although he could not say much, he anticipated that it will be in English, “with someone very great and something very different” from what he has done so far.

After the success she had with “Se te nota” next to Guaynaa, with which they have accumulated 300 million views on YouTube, the singer assures that they are already working on a new collaboration together.

“We had spoken, we separated a little and when we came (to Miami) to record the video and promote it, we fell completely in love, now we are going to do a collaboration for him,” he anticipates.

With love on her side, more than 40 million followers on Instagram, an album on her doorstep, a “podcast” on digital platforms and a very personal series on YouTube, Lele feels fulfilled and happy in the place where she is standing. right now.

“Before I worked a lot more, now I work more responsibly, more controlled and better, and I am very happy, I am not worried about all sides as before, I am very happy and I cannot complain,” she confesses.

Recently the “influencer” traveled to Mexico to meet young TikTok creators who have followed her since its inception. Although being the “child idol” of many of them makes her feel “old”, Lele is satisfied to spend time with them and advise them.

“It was very nice, I have done this for eight years now, when I met them they asked me many things, I gave them advice, I became friends with them, I am glad that new generations are coming,” he says.

With all the possibilities ahead, Lele just hopes one day she will have the opportunity to make a movie and be a mother, meanwhile she continues to work on the album that she hopes to release soon.

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Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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