France sets a new COVID-19 case record with over 179 thousand

France records a record 179,807 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a single day; hospitalizations remain low.

Frances Previous Record Of 104611 Covid 19 Cases Was Set On Saturday

France reported a record 179,807 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in a single day, one of the largest daily totals globally since the epidemic began. It has the highest daily infection rate in Europe.

France’s previous record, established on Saturday, was 104,611. The country’s seven-day moving average of newly diagnosed COVID-19 cases increased to an all-time high of 87,500.

Despite the increase in new instances, the number of individuals hospitalised for the condition remained significantly lower than previous records.

The government announced additional measures to combat illness on Monday, including limiting the size of big gatherings, prohibiting eating and drinking in public transit, and requiring outdoor usage of face masks.

Additionally, Britain achieves a new record for COVID-19 instances.
Meanwhile, Britain recorded a record 129,471 COVID-19 cases, although the statistics did not include figures for Scotland and Northern Ireland owing to reporting methods over the Christmas holidays.

Only the United States and India have reported new COVID-19 cases on an average daily basis of more than 200,000 since the epidemic began. On Monday, the United States recorded more than 505,000 cases of the illness.

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