The new Minister of Health in France asks the French to put on the mask on trains, on buses, according to the Covid-19 report


Brigitte Bourguignon, a former minister, issued a demand on June 27 for French citizens to once again wear masks when riding public transportation. In this instance, it is the new Minister of Health Francois Braun’s responsibility to “urge the French to put on the mask on trains, and on buses.” “When we are in crowded areas, I want the French to put on the mask on trains, on buses,” stated the minister on France Inter. “When we are in crowded places, I ask the French to put on the mask.”


Also denying the likelihood of a return to the practice of mandating the wearing of masks, Francois Braun stated: “I am of the opinion that our fellow citizens have been aware of the nature of the coronavirus for approximately two and a half years. I want to put my money on being responsible “, he replied. – Specifically, he says.

These comments are in accordance with those made by the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, who, on Wednesday, July 6, called for “vigilance” in the face of the growth in the Covid-19 outbreak, while noting that she did not want to wear a mask since she saw it as a national “duty.”

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Written by Rachita Salian


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