Maribel Guardia’s endless youth has come to an end. These PHOTOS elicit outrage.

Maribel Guardia’s recent social media posts spark debate among Internet users; they claim she no longer looks her age.

Maribel Guardia Unleashes Controversy For Her Photos

Maribel Guardia is renowned for possessing the gift of perpetual youth; Internet users have even dubbed her the Chabelo of ladies, since it appears as though the singer and actress does not age.

However, her recent social media posts stirred controversy, with netizens casting doubt on Maribel Guardia’s perpetual youth.

Maribel Guardia’s photographs that provoked outrage

Maribel Guardia appeared in a photo with her daughter-in-law Ime Garza-Tuón, whom she delivers a sweet letter in which she conveys how much she means to her.


Maribel Guardia And Her Daughter In Law Ime Garza Tunon
Maribel Guardia And Ime Garza-Tuón, Her Daughter-In-Law Photograph:


Maribel Guardia admits to hitting her partners: “It seemed extremely natural… and wonderful.”
However, the post faded into obscurity until viewers saw something on Maribel’s face due to her employment of highly charged cosmetics, which stiffened and aged her skin.

Maribel Guardia appears to be in her home Costa Rica, prepared to have a dessert, but some users noted that the effects of ageing are already visible, while others likened her to Irma Serrano “La Tigresa.”


They Express Their Dissatisfaction With Maribel Guardia. Photo
They Express Their Dissatisfaction With Maribel Guardia. Photo

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