8 Shortcuts in Excel that will help you navigate like an Expert

8 shortcuts in Excel that will help you navigate like an expert
8 shortcuts in Excel that will help you navigate like an expert

We share some shortcuts with keys for Excel that will reduce the time you perform your daily activities.

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In general, the key combinations that we share today, serve to navigate between advantages, sheets, and even in the document in which you are working. Without taking more time, we share them with you:

Shift + F11: To insert a new worksheet (on Mac: Fn + Ctrl + F11).

Ctrl + PgDn (RePag): Go to the previous worksheet (on Mac: Fn + Ctrl + Arrow below).

Ctrl + PgUp (AvPag): Go to the new worksheet (on Mac: Fn + Ctrl + Arrow up).

F6: Go to the next window (on Mac: Fn + F6).

Ctrl + Tab: Go to the next working window (on Mac: Ctrl + Tab).

Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Return to the previous work window (on Mac: Ctrl + Shift + Tab).

Ctrl + F9: Minimize worksheet (on Mac: Command + M).

Ctrl + F10: Maximize worksheet (on Mac: Fn + Ctrl + F10).

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