Captain Marvel: The film will explain the decisions made by Nick Fury in the franchise

Nick Fury
Nick Fury

As it became known thanks to one of the producers of Captain Marvel, the tape will explain why Nick Fury took so long to call Carol Danvers, among other things.

It is less than two months before Captain Marvel premieres in the theaters of all the cinemas and thus becomes the first heroine of Marvel Studios, but it should be noted that it would not be the first time that it would appear in the franchise, since it had A look at the remembered Avengers post-credits scene: Infinity War.

As is known, many are still annoyed by Thanos’ crack, when in the city, the great majority is disappearing, as happened to Maria Hill and Nick Fury. The latter decided to take out a beeper to call Captain Marvel for help.

Since then, many doubts have been woven on the disclosure of the communication between Fury and Danvers, on why he waited until then to communicate with the heroine, because if we remember, the disappearance of people in Infinity War was not the only event that represented a threat to Earth.

All these doubts will have an answer at the time of the film’s development, that is, during the nineties, as Jonathan Schwartz, executive producer of the film, pointed out during an interview with the ComicBook portal.

When asked about the origin of the beeper, he said: “I think it’s a combination of things. I think we’ll understand through this movie why Fury makes the decisions he makes. He has always been a mysterious guy, he has his reasons. Hopefully we can clarify some of them for the audience. ”

With this we have no further revelation on which decisions of Fury will be explained in the film, although on the way to Avengers: Endgame it is almost certain that the origin of this beeper and its use after the snap would be one of them, as well as the loss of his eye and distrust in the people he has.

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