After ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Captain Marvel’, these are the women we want to see in upcoming blockbusters

women power marvel movie
women power marvel movie

Superhero movies have dominated the movie theaters around the world for years, and although there are people who point to a supposed “fatigue” the projects continue to pile up on the desks in the offices. That’s great news for the fans and the general public, which as shown by the great reception of the trailer of ‘ Avengers: Infinity War ‘, awaits these films with great anticipation.

But there is something that has been slow to reach this genre, diversity. Like the comic books on which it is based, the protagonists of these stories are mostly heterosexual white men. At some point in history, comic readers may have been mostly from that ethnic group and gender, but it is also likely that this moment lasted five minutes


It must be recognized that the world of the superhero has been sexist and not very diverse until very recently, and that sometimes it is still now, but there have always been spaces where women, other races, and other sexual options have found their place. To understand this change of trend is enough to look at the first great modern superhero, Sue Storm, ‘The Invisible Girl’ was created by the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as the only female member of ‘The Fantastic Four’. Sue was shy, shy and with a defensive power practically useless in battles. From that time are some of the most chaotic and blushing dialogues that the legendary creator has written, describing the work of Sue as the adornment or moral support of the other three boys. Decades later, Sue happens to be Susan Richards, ‘Not only is it a change of name or power, it’s a change in the way a woman is presented in the comic, and in the way that fans receive it.

In the movies the road has been different and more complicated than it should be. The women who have appeared in the great super-productions since the ‘ Spider-Man ‘ by Sam Raimi gave the starting signal to this new golden age of the genre, have not been vases or accessories, but have been slow to be the real protagonists on equal terms with his colleagues. In fact it has not been until ‘ Wonder Woman ‘ that a woman has led a successful solo film in this genre . And although we’re still waiting for Marvel to be encouraged to start filming his ‘ Captain Marvel ‘ at least he’s already ready to start his ‘ Black Panther”, the first film starring a non-Caucasian hero of the entire factory.

In the case of mutants the thing has always been more varied, but despite the fact that in the ‘ X-Men ‘ there has always been much more variety than in other super groups, unfortunately its importance has been greatly reduced compared to that of your companions.

Change of trend
The arrival of ‘ Wonder Woman ‘ has left in evidence to those who theorized that a film headed by a woman without a man on whom support was not going to attract the public, and the producers are taking note. Although it is being a slow process, we know that projects are being prepared that will follow in their wake, ‘ Captain Marvel ‘, ‘ Batgirl’, and varied rumors about films starring Harley Quinn. Some are new characters, others have been around for decades and some are a new version of old characters, but they all have something in common, sufficient to become protagonists of their own films. And that these films become successes.

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