7 tips to make your next love relationship lasting


Valentine has already passed and if you were one of those who locked himself in his room hating all the posts of your friends in love , sooo deep down we know that you feel it is time to have a partner , but the mistakes of the past make you doubt . Here we give you 7 tips so you do not make mistakes and you can choose a correct partner .

# 1 Define what you are looking for
Ask yourself, why do I want to have a partner? If it’s because you got bored of being alone, then it will not work. If it’s because you’re happy with this part of your life and want to share it with someone, then yes, it’s time to call Cupid.

# 2 Do not behave like you did with your ‘ex’
If you are already dating someone and you want to ‘prove it’ by behaving as you did with your ex, serious error. Remember that this relationship did not work, you’d better change those ‘behavior patterns’ and bet on starting a new story with new attitudes.

# 3 Stop idealizing
There is nothing worse than imagining a ‘blue prince’ or a ‘perfect girl who will buy you beers’, no. Your life is not a film and instead of wishing that your partner ‘is as such’, he seeks to find someone ‘who is hem’, sincere and behaves the same with his friends and family.

# 4 Come out of your comfort zone
They say that love will knock on your door, but why not go out and look for it? Cheer up, go out with friends, meet new people. Obviously love will touch you (someone will notice you) but locked up watching movies on your couch, nobody will know you exist.

# 5 Having defined who you want
Leave the comparisons behind. If you question your outgoing too much, it is because you still do not forget your ex and it is not fair for him or her, to create an illusion when your feelings belong to someone else. But if you decide to forget, remember what was the breakdown of the relationship and in this new stage, amend and do not make the same mistake.

# 6 It’s time to mature
It’s good to accept the advice of your mom or dad, but you do not want a kind of mom to be your girlfriend or do you? Go ahead to follow your instincts and be passionate about your partner.

# 7 Dare to overcome your fears
To have a partner the first rule is to boost your self-esteem. Remember, in the way you love yourself, you will attract another person who wants you equal or more, because your security produces admiration and courage. “Self-confidence conveys a charisma that is more seductive and magnetic than physical image,” says emotional management specialist Remedios Gomis.

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Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 10 years.

For over 7 years in journalism. Half of them are as editor. My weakness is doing mini-investigations on new topics.


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