From her back, Thalía shows the results of her detoxified body wrapped in a towel

The 49-year-old singer uploaded the photos to explain to her nearly 18 million followers what her cupping detox routine was like and the benefits of it.

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Thalía made the hearts of her fans beat by posting a couple of images wrapped in a towel after detoxifying her great body.

Through her Instagram profile, the 49-year-old singer uploaded the photos to explain to her almost 18 million followers what her detox routine with cupping was like and the benefits of it.

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Photo: @ Thalia / Instagram
This Cupping Therapy Technique Leaves Me Feeling Like New. It Has Many Benefits For The Body, From Oxygenate The Muscles, Improve Circulation And Eliminate Accumulated Toxins ”, Explained The Interpreter Of“ I Don’T Remember ”.

He also commented that, although it looks very strange, it is also painful, but “it feels delicious.”

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Photo: @ Thalia / Instagram

“Would you dare to do it ?! Tell me!” she added.

In one of the snapshots, Thalía is seen posing on her back wrapped in a bath towel while taking a photo with her cell phone.

In the image, you can see the back of the famous with different marks of hearts that were left by the cupping therapy.

Within hours of her publication, her images have more than 164 thousand “Likes” and thousands of comments from friends and fans who praised her charms.

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Photo: @ Thalia / Instagram

“I love it”, “your detox is pure love”, “and that little waist that doesn’t change? You are perfect Thalia ”,“ you are a beauty ”,“ the queen of love ”, are some of the compliments.



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