Yanet Garcia advertises her OnlyFans page with a sexy video.

Yanet Garcia, a “former weather girl,” used her video to advertise her OnlyFans account, where she delivers exclusive stuff with her fans.

Yanet Garcia Left Her Thousands Of Followers Speechless After Posting A Hot Video In Sensual Lace Underwear

Yanet Garcia’s thousands of fans were left stunned as she posted a steamy video in sensuous lace underwear.

Yanet Garcia, the former “weather girl” of the popular show “Hoy,” used her video to promote her OnlyFans account, where she shares exclusive stuff with her followers.


Yanet Garcia is seen in the video, which was released to her official Instagram Reels account, showing off her beautiful curves while modeling her form on a wooden background in what appears to be a cabin.

Yanet Garcia Onlyfans
The video’s description reads “OnlyFans” and includes little video emojis.

The video showcases various areas of Yanet Garcia’s body, from her face to her beautiful curves, all complemented by Willow Smith’s song “Wait a minute!” which highlights the former climate host’s seductive moves.


In the first 20 minutes after it was posted, the 15-second video received 45,000 views. It currently has over 7000 “likes” and 97 comments, emphasizing the host’s beauty and fantastic form.

Beautiful,” Pure Passion,” and “You are fantastic” were some of the remarks given by his admirers after the video was released.



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