Who is Jenna Lee, Mia Khalifa’s friend who breaks her on Tik Tok

With quite played photos and on the verge of censorship, the blonde is also all the rage on Instagram.

Who Is Jenna Lee Mia Khalifas Friend Who Breaks Her On Tik Tok

With more than 786,000 followers on Tik Tok and 1.7 million on Instagram, Jenna Lee is all the rage on social media. Its content is varied: from the entertaining to the sensual and even almost bordering on censorship.

The girl began very shyly in networks until little by little she raised the tone. But the real boom took place when she made a few posts with her friend Mia Khalifa. It was only enough that the followers of the adult film actress knew the blonde to join her fandom.

One of the last videos she recorded with Khalifa shows them trying to eat “hot dogs from the pond”, rare vegetable sticks shaped like sausages. The idea did not cause much grace to the brunette, but it did to the followers, who gave her almost 45 thousand likes.

Jenna is also part of the OnlyFans platform, where exclusive content can be accessed and cannot be published on networks. The particularity of the blonde is that she has two accounts: one free and one paid.


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