What a color combination! Kylie Jenner posed on Instagram with her Lamborghini

What a color combination Kylie Jenner posed on Instagram with her Lamborghini
What a color combination Kylie Jenner posed on Instagram with her Lamborghini

UNITED STATES.- Kylie Jenner shared a new post on Instagram with her followers. In these two photos, she shows a new outfit, a skirt and a top, with the same green print, while posing next to her car. The orange Lamborghini that the businesswoman drives is the Urus 2021 model, which costs around $ 20,000. Kylie would have bought this car in March of this year, a few days after it went on sale.

Kylie Jenner has already shown her new acquisition in three other Instagram posts, including one she did with her daughter Storm. The model, in addition to being a fan of makeup, creams, clothes and handbags, is a great fan of high-end cars. In addition, he usually shows them in his stories. a large part of the stories he shares, he does from inside his cars.



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In addition to the Lamborghini Urus, Kylie Jenner , the youngest billionaire, according to Forves magazine, has a large collection of cars. Some of these are personalized by herself, one of them has a pink interior, which she calls “mommy car”, and another orange. She also owns a Mercedes Benz G-class 63 and a Ferrari 458 Italia that her ex-boyfriend would have given her.

After the break with her previous boyfriend, the rapper Tyga, the businesswoman decided to buy a Lamborghini Aventador Roaster SV, the same color as the Urus, one of her favorites. This high-end model is recognized for having the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 in just three seconds, and has a cost of 370,000 Euros

On more than one occasion, Kylie Jenner has said that her favorite car is the Range Rover, which was the first one she bought with her money. One of the gifts she received for the birth of Stormi, was a limited edition Ferrari, called LaFerrari, and previously, she had acquired a white Roll Royce, designed for herself, and another black color. Apparently she’s a big fan of cars. Did you know?


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