Kylie Jenner fans question why she still hides her son’s face

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Fans of The Kardashians are confused by Kylie Jenner continuing to hide her son’s face in new photos. While the beauty mogul’s second pregnancy with Travis Scott was more public than her first, she hasn’t shared many details since giving birth. After initially announcing that her name was Wolf, she later said it would be changed. However, months later, she still hasn’t publicly revealed the new name. And in the photos, she only gave small glimpses of the 9-month-old baby.

On Monday, November 28, Kylie posted new photos of her son to Instagram as part of a party which she captioned “Highlights.”The photos gave the best look at the baby yet, mostly showing just how much he’s grown. However, Kylie still placed her hand over his face. She also shared photos of her daughter Stormi, whose face was not covered. Confirming that Kylie is still with Travis despite the cheating accusations, the last photo showed the two’s parents hugging. Many of the comments were about the lovely family. However, others expressed confusion as to why the boy’s face was covered, pointing out that Stormi’s face was never covered. But one comment that received nearly 1,000 likes asked why fans felt entitled to see the boy’s face. Meanwhile, some wrote that they forgot that Kylie had a child. That conversation continued on the Kardashians’

Kylie Jenner

Reddit theorizes why Kylie Jenner hides her son’s face

Just like Instagram, many Reddit comments simply talked about how cute the photos were. Some wrote that Kylie, who opened up about postpartum depression, seemed happier and more relaxed. But u/smokeyeyepie pointed out, “It’s weird that she strategically hides her son’s face while Stormi always appears normally. Like, who is this for??” This has led to theories about possible reasons for the change. u/sweetsugar888 predicted that Kylie would show her face in a photo shoot on her first birthday, and then claimed it was “to preserve her first year of life without cameras.” Another wondered if she was influenced by Gigi Hadid. A popular guess was, as u/Western_Map_3364 put it,“Girls receive different treatment in their family than boys.” Others agreed, arguing that the family does not see the boys as “marketable”. Some assumed they were holding back so long to get fans to watch The Kardashians Session 3.

Following in Kylie’s footsteps is her sister Khloé Kardashian, who had a child with Tristan Thompson via surrogate. Khloé was vulnerable about expecting a child amid Tristan’s latest cheating scandal. The Good American founder covers her son’s face in photos and has yet to release her name. On the other hand, she has always been open about sharing her 4-year-old daughter, True Thompson. However, it’s unclear if this is because both babies are boys. Or it could be the family’s new way of dealing with new kids’ social media posts, and the genders are just a coincidence. The family continues to receive criticism over the girls, with Kim Kardashian’s reaction to the North West Halloween costume coming as the latest instance.

Kylie Jenner

Regardless, Kylie’s reluctance to share her baby’s face and name is just part of an ongoing frustration fans have over what The Kardashians choose to share.

The first season received similar criticism, especially since the Astroworld tragedy was not addressed. But after Season 2 ended last week, fans said the lack of content was a new low point. Viewers demanded serious changes if the family wanted to keep the Hulu show. But even if Kylie reveals her son’s name and face in season three, it may be too late to win back many fans.

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