Flor Peña raised the temperature with a photo on the verge of censorship: Look how I eat you

The host celebrated the victory of the Argentine National Team with a postcard for her followers.

The Host Celebrated The Victory Of The Argentine National Team With A Postcard For Her Followers.

Flor Peña joined the celebration of the national team’s victory against Colombia in the Copa América with a photo on the verge of censorship.

It was a postcard where the driver wore a tiny red outfit while posing in front of a wall.

” Watch as you like. I was a handle last night, “said Flor Peña, referring to the moment when Emiliano Martínez stole all the prominence of the night with his penalties.


The compliments and comments related to the game were immediate in the comments it received.

Flor Peña raises the temperature in winter

The host of “Team Flower” is not afraid of the cold that has intensified in recent weeks.


On another occasion, Peña shared a black and white postcard that surely left more than one of his followers breathless.


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