“They are very envied people, they shine everywhere they are put,” Mhoni Seer says.

Mhoni Vidente
Mhoni Vidente

“Because it is the planet of understanding and communication. They rise through the social classes, become thought leaders, and almost usually pursue criminal occupations “according to the fortune teller

Mhoni Vidente also mentions that those born on the 18th day are prone to headaches, body aches, and sore throats and that they should take care of their health in this regard.

“And these people are dominated by the Star Chart, they are envied, they have their own light, they succeed in what they set out to do, and they constantly shine in whatever situation they are placed in,” Mhoni Vidente warns.


The fortune-teller has also given the globe good news in terms of health, and in her most recent forecasts, she explains that the final stage of the COVID-19 pandemic is nearing, so this awful sickness will soon be history.

“We are saying goodbye to Covid-19, but we are saying hello to all that is coming…”, the fortune teller continues, emphasizing that the world will experience a cold never seen before between December 2021 and February 2022.

“People will struggle over things for no cause,” the fortune-teller added, regretting that people are often filled with hatred and wrath rather than wonderful things.

Mhoni Vidente adds that all of this is the result of an apocalypse that humanity is experiencing in all forms, including the spiritual, social networks, climate, and, most importantly, the human conscience.


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