I am gorgeous, Miranda McKeon, star of Anne with an E, says as she shaves her head in her fight against breast cancer.

Miranda McKeon, the 19-year-old American actress who played ” Josie Pye ” in the acclaimed series ” Anne with an E “, reported a few months ago on social media that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. In one of his most recent posts, he revealed his new look to his thousands of followers.

Miranda Mckeon

She has gradually lost her beautiful blonde hair as a result of chemotherapies, so she decided to shave once and for all. “I only accomplished one thing! “It was just a few days before my last chemotherapy that I decided to let it go and ultimately shave my head,” remarked Anne with an E “actresses

She stated that “the hair has been a big stressor, possibly even more so than my overall health” since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Miranda McKeon expressed her realisation that the amount of hair one has is an expression of one’s femininity.

“I had no idea how much joy I got from feeling gorgeous on a daily basis, or how much I thought my hair defined me; all 19-year-old females should have this opportunity. For the past three months, I’ve been gradually losing my hair. I’ve also spent a lot of time in front of the mirror visualising myself bald. As a result, this final step did not come as a major surprise.”

Miranda McKeon was also taken aback by how gorgeous she still felt despite the fact that her hair was a mess.

I’ve recognized that I’m beautiful because of my contributions to conversations, my wit and vulnerability, the kind of friend I am, and the way I show myself to others around me.

Miranda McKeon has earned a lot of love from her admirers.
She emphasized that her beauty is the “least interesting thing about me,” and that her friends and family have unconditionally supported her throughout this process: “they have shown me deeply that the people in my life do not love me for my appearance, they love me for the person that I am, and I really love that person, I think they are so beautiful.”

Miranda McKeon misses looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful in the traditional sense, but she says, “I will continue to appreciate my beauty in a wider and more important way (and I have a very attractive head).”


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