Death stalks Vicente Fernández’s family: Mhoni Vidente predicts a tragedy

1/1 Death stalks Vicente Fernández's family: Mhoni Vidente predicts a tragedy Instagram photo

Mexico – A strong statement is made by the Cuban seer Mhoni Vidente regarding the Fernández family in the sense that the death letter stalks them.

The famous astrologer published a video on her YouTube channel where she explains that the death letter threatens Vicente Fernández’s family, even asking them to take care of themselves, even to clean themselves.

“The death letter continues, completely stalking the Fernández family and it is not Vicente Fernández Jr, it is Vicente Fernández his father,” Mhoni said.

According to Mhoni, the only way the Fernándezes can get rid of this letter is by making a clean one, all the members, without exception.

“The devil’s letter is upon them and does not let them advance and grow and definitely these letters tell us that one more tragedy is coming”, said Mhoni Vidente.

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Vicente Fernández And His Wife, Doña Cuquita. Instagram Photo

Mhoni also warned that the Fernándezes could face serious health and family problems, including kidnappings, illnesses, or other types of tragedies, so they need to “clean up” immediately.

Don Vicente Fernández suffered a fall weeks ago at home and for this reason, they had to take him to a private clinic in Guadalajara, where he underwent surgery, and the doctors have reported that he is serious but stable.

A few days after being hospitalized, the news of his death was spread on social networks, but this was immediately denied by the same family of “El charro de Huentitán”, and so far he has dedicated himself to keeping the public informed about the singer’s health.

Next Monday the doctors who treat Don Vicente Fernández will offer a press conference in the afternoon in which they will talk about his current state of health.


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