Ninel Conde proposes to her fans to open an account in Only Fans

The actress might soon have an account where she will show exclusive and uncensored content.

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MEXICO.- Ninel Conde has 4.8 million followers who do not stop flattering her and filling her with compliments, which is why she is considering having an account on the famous Only Fans platform .
The 44-year-old actress and singer took to her Instagram account on Tuesday to post an image in which she is posing boldly wearing a tight swimsuit that reveals certain body parts.

“Pre-question: we open an OnlyFans, yes or no? I read them my loves [sic] “, reads the description of the publication.


The publication obtained more than 32 thousand “likes” in a short time, in addition it received more than 670 comments, most of which were compliments.

Ninel Conde is a Mexican singer and actress, best known for her characters as Alma Rey in “Rebelde” and Coral Mijares in “Mar de Amor”.



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