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Mia Khalifa leaves worrying message: “The coronavirus ruined my life”

Adult film actress Mia Khalifa was outraged by the effects that the coronavirus has on her day to day.

Porn star Mia Khalifa never stops talking and this time, after declaring herself to be a pandemic of the coronavirus , the influencer has also scared her legion of followers, who fear the possibility that she may be infected with this disease.

It all happened in her Instagram stories , when Mia Khalifa shared an image accompanied by a message that said the following: “Officially, COVID 19 (name of coronavirus ) has ruined my life”

At first reading, one infers that the once-adult movie star would have tested positive for the coronavirus test , but would be responsible for clarifying the reality of this: “No, I’m not infected. It is worse”.

Later, when we analyzed the image shared by Mia Khalifa , we noticed that access to a hockey rink is under lock and key. Then, the message begins to make more sense when the other message that accompanies this photo is read.

Source: Instagram

“Discontinued. The National Hockey League suspends the season, ”and it turns out that Mia Khalifa and her boyfriend share a great fondness for this sport, including hockey, which is one of the most popular disciplines in the United States.

In fact, in some Instagram posts , you can see the adult actress next to her partner with references to this sport, especially from the Washington Capitals team , of which they would be fans.

In fact, in mid-2019, Mia Khalifa showed that she is a sports connoisseur when she debuted as a football commentator, also declaring herself a fan of West Ham in the English Premier League .

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