Donald Trump was not tested for the coronavirus despite having had contact with a person infected: “I have no symptoms”

He stated this during the conference in which he declared the national emergency due to the advance of the pandemic. “Most likely, I will be tested at some point, we have to review the agenda,” he added.

President Donald Trump Gave A Press Conference This March 13 To Announce The Declaration Of A National Emergency In The Usa For The Coronavirus
President Donald Trump gave a press conference this March 13 to announce the declaration of a national emergency in the USA for the coronavirus (REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst)

United States President Donald Trump, who was in contact with people diagnosed with the new coronavirus, revealed on Friday that no study was done to see if he had contracted the disease.

“I don’t have any of the symptoms,” he told a press conference at the White House. “We have a White House doctor, I must say that there are many doctors in the White House, I asked them the question and they told me ‘He has no symptoms,'” he said.

“Has the test been done?” Asked a correspondent in Washington. “No, but I don’t have any symptoms. I had a great meeting with Bolsonaro, but as you know, it was negative, ” replied the president, referring to the dinner he had with the President of Brazil and one of his advisers who was diagnosed with coronavirus a few days later. “Isn’t it a little selfish not to get tested?” asked another journalist. “Most likely, I will be tested at some point, we have to review the agenda ,” Trump said and gave someone else permission to ask another question and change the subject.
The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, did have a coronavirus test and the result was negative. The test he did three days after concluding his visit to Miami, which included numerous public events and a dinner with Trump.

Bolsonaro underwent the tests after it was confirmed Thursday that the disease had been contracted by the head of the Presidency’s Special Secretariat for Communication, Fabio Wajngarten, who was part of the official delegation that traveled to Florida.

The president himself reported the negative in his profile on the Twitter network, and cleared the doubts that existed in this regard, especially after a series of rumors spread during the morning of this Friday, claiming that the result was positive.

National emergency in the US

On the other hand, President Donald Trump announced on Friday a state of national emergency in the United States, releasing $ 50 billion in federal funds to combat the coronavirus pandemic, while vowing to “enormously” increase the ability to diagnose the disease.

“To release all the resources of the federal government, I officially declare a national emergency,” said the president at a press conference, who has been accused of initially minimizing the severity of the new coronavirus. “The next eight weeks are crucial,” he said from the White House grounds. “We will pass the critical point and begin to improve,” he said.

Trump called on all states in the country to establish emergency operations centers and announced a partnership with the private sector to “greatly increase and accelerate our ability to detect” the virus, amid criticism of the lack of test kits in the whole country.

“I also ask every hospital in this country to activate the emergency preparedness plan to meet the needs of Americans everywhere,” Trump said. “We will remove all obstacles necessary to provide our people with the care they need and are entitled to. No resources will be saved, nothing at all, “he added.


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