Marjorie de Sousa poses in her seductive bikini from the pool.

Without a doubt, the model’s publishing has taken more than one of her fans by surprise.

Marjorie De Sousa Pack

Yesterday, Marjorie de Sousa managed to attract the attention of her more than 7 million Instagram followers by sharing a stunning photo in a bathing suit.

It’s not the first time the actress has taken her admirers by surprise, as she has previously used the chance to post photographs of herself in stunning bikinis.

Marjorie De Sousa
Instagram Marjorie De Sousa

On this occasion, we can see Marjorie from a pool, modeling her beautiful bikini from the back, allowing us to witness her incredible rear as her blonde hair covers part of her back.

Without a doubt, the model’s publication has left more than one of her fans breathless, as she has always managed to show off all of her sexiness.

Within her message, the famous woman included a description that reads, “may you always have a very wonderful night!!!” “Many thanks, many thanks, many thanks.”

Currently, the interpreter’s publication has over 222 thousand likes, and the comment box is flooded with thousands of messages from her adoring fans.



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