Demi Lovato requests that the term “aliens” be dropped since it is insulting.

The singer admitted that she would not release a song with that term in it.

Demi Locato


Demi Lovato stated in a recent interview that referring to aliens as “aliens” is derogatory and that humans from other worlds should not be referred to as such.

The singer, who is promoting her new documentary “Unidentified,” in which she embarks on a road trip to discover the truth about UFOs, told Erin Lim of “E! News “that she would not release a “alien “tune.

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I believe we should stop referring to them as aliens because the term “alien” is a pejorative phrase for anything. “I call them ETs,” the 29-year-old singer added.
Demi, on the other hand, stated that if she wrote a song about creatures that exist beyond Earth, the song would most likely be called something else.

“My fans should know that I don’t refer to them as aliens,” the “Cool for the Summer” interpreter added.


The famous woman, who is at the pinnacle of her artistic career, explained to “E! News Daily Pop” last September, who had his first encounter with aliens.

The experiences happened during a trip to Joshua Tree, California, where they saw a “blue orb that was about 50 feet away” and floating above the earth, according to the singer. Demi said at the time, “It was a wonderful and incredible event.”

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