Ester Exposito dazzled with a slit dress and lots of skin

As every time she updates her profile, the actress garnered sighs among her fans.

Ester Exposito Dazzled With A Slit Dress And Lots Of Skin

Ester Exposito, recognized worldwide for her role in “Elite”, the Netflix series, continues to grow both in her professional success and in her social networks, where her admirers await her daily to enjoy her work and life through of the videos and photos you share.

This time, the actress showed all her glamor and conquered her fans with some postcards in a purple dress, top and skirt with openings, which perfectly adapted to her body , in the look she chose to attend the Cannes Film Festival.

“Sounds purple rain,” he wrote in the caption of the publication, which has already accumulated more than three million likes and thousands of comments.

Ester Exposito Dazzled With A Slit Dress And A Lot Of Skin Instagram

On Instagram alone, the “Elite” actress has more than 27 million fans and they don’t stop growing. In the last time, Ester obtained the Young Talent Award that was awarded by the MIM Series committee.

And all this he shares on his account, along with premieres, official presentations and fashion productions of the dresses that he wears in the galas, plus the jewels of the prestigious Bulgari, of whom he is the face of the brand.

Ester Exposito Dazzled With A Slit Dress And A Lot Of Slkin Instagram

Elite has already started recording the fifth season

The fourth season of the Spanish series “Elite” premiered a few weeks ago and was a success. After positioning itself in the first position of all the rankings, the fans began to wonder when the next installment will arrive.

The creators of the fiction, Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, revealed that they are already recording the fifth season that will have two new faces: the Argentine Valentina Zenere and the Brazilian André Lamoglia.



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