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Elite season 4, premiere: What will happen and who are the new characters?

New romances and conflicts await us in Las Encinas. Do not miss the details of the fourth season of the show.


After a long wait, the premiere of Elite season 4 on Netflix finally took place . The wait was long, but finally the fans will see the doors of Las Encinas open again. With the ‘old guard’ coming to class, a new generation of students makes their way into the famous college.

The return of the series created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona promises to be a success, as it will take back that privileged world with high society parties, rich children, sex and drugs.

Elite 4 – official trailer

Elite season 4 premiere time on Netflix
Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Ecuador: 2.00 am
Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia and Puerto Rico: 3.00 am
Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: 4.00 am

What will we see in Elite, season 4?
The story begins with the arrival of Benjamin (Diego Martín), a new director who is willing to run the school as he does his companies. Together with him, his three children come to Las Encinas wanting to make the educational center their own, whoever falls.

This will provoke the struggle with the ‘old guard’ of the elite establishment, with a clash between the old and the new students.

New Elite Season 4 Characters

Ari (Carla Día): Perfectionist and sure of what she wants. She will use everything in her power to achieve her goals. These situations will lead us to remember Lucrecia or Nadia, roles that fell to Danna Paola and Mina El Hammani.
Mencía (Martina Cariddi): She is the opposite of her sister. His personality is fraught with chaos, recklessness, and bad temper. But this only reflects it in his home, because outside it he seeks to please everyone and saves his best feelings for the people he considers most special.
Patrick (Manu Ríos): The last of the brothers. He is a capricious, seductive character and little used to social norms.
Phillipe (Pol Granch): A direct descendant of a central European royal family, his upbringing will make him stand out above the rest. Soon you will start a relationship with one of the people most opposed to him.

How to watch Elite season 4 on Netflix?
To watch Elite season 4 complete online you need to have a Netflix account. The platform currently offers three monthly plans, the cheapest is S / 24.90 per month. The differences between the two are in the image quality and number of devices to reproduce the content simultaneously.

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