Chiquis Rivera poses in vinipiel leggings while advertising her new scent, “Reina,” using her body language.

Since returning from her brief but fruitful tour, Jenni Rivera’s daughter has begun advertising her cosmetics line, and the video for his single “My Problem” has already topped one million views on YouTube.

Chiquis Rivera.

When it comes to her initiatives, Chiquis Rivera brings her sense of levity to every one. After a successful tour, she’s now back to market her new cosmetics line. She announced her new “Reina” perfume in a series of videos she posted on Instagram stories. In the videos, the singer can be seen moving her body while declaring it.

She also posed in a profile shot, flashing off her rear end and captioning the picture, “Today I had Pho soup for dinner,” with the seductive dress Jenni Rivera’s daughter wore. Was there anything good to eat for dinner?”

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Chiquis’ primary talent is as a vocalist, and her most recent track, “Mi problema,” has been a huge hit. YouTube users have seen the song’s video over one million times.

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