Aracely Arámbula and the controversy over her comment on the COVID-19 vaccine

Luis Miguel’s former partner revealed that she has not received the vaccine and will not receive it.

Aracely Arambula 1
Aracely Arambula 1

Ayear and a half have passed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and some characters in the Mexican show continue to refuse the vaccine. One of them is Aracely Arámbula.

The actress recently commented that she, or her children, has not been vaccinated and that she will not do so, because she is “very careful” not to be exposed to the virus.

“No, no, I have not yet been vaccinated because I am not yet old enough to be vaccinated ,” she pointed out to the prey, jokingly. Luis Miguel’s ex-partnerwas in Acapulco for the launch of Cynthia Coppelli’s YouTube show “Do It”.

“I am a person who likes to rectify everything I wear, my brother is a doctor and we want to wait a little, for now we are taking great care of the immune system,” she added.

It should be noted that Arámbula is not the only Mexican celebrity who has spoken out against vaccines against the coronavirus. Patricia Navidad has confessed her refusal on several occasions.

“A vaccine is a right, whoever takes it, it is not an obligation. And it is also an experiment and that has been said from the NGOs to the authorities ”, she declared.

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