Aislinn Derbez: she is Renata Notni, her ‘twin sister’

Mexican actresses Renata Notni and Aislinn Derbez have stunned their followers after they published a photo together on social networks.

Aislinn Derbez causes a furor by showing how she teaches the alphabet to her daughter Kailani and her niece Aitana
Aislinn Derbez causes a furor by showing how she teaches the alphabet to her daughter Kailani and her niece Aitana

For some time, fans of Renata Notni and Aislinn Derbez have claimed that they are both “twin sisters” and that they were separated at birth. Faced with this eloquent comparison, the Mexican artists decided to put their followers to the test and photographed themselves together.

It was last Saturday, July 24, when the actress Renata Notni published a photograph on her Instagram account, looking next to who she says has a great resemblance to her: the daughter of Eugenio Derbez .

Exactly for a few months, users on the networks have warned that the beautiful Mexican actresses have a great resemblance. This happened after Aislinn shared an image causing the comments to explode by claiming that she was posing with her “twin sister”.


When the comments about the great resemblance between Renata Notni and Aislinn Derbez began, many thought that this would cause an annoyance in one of them. None of that happened and on the contrary the two took the comments with pleasure and apparently until now they love the idea of ​​being “twins”.

A snapshot was enough for fans to burst into comments and insist on the tremendous similarity between the two. In it, Renata and Aislinn look smiling , which has also given rise to the followers reaffirming that they are like two drops of water. Photography in a short time reached more than 200 thousand likes. “Do we look alike?” He wrote next to the image.

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Recall that this week, the daughter of the famous comedian Eugenio Derbez has been a trend in the networks, after his ex-partner, also the Mexican actor, Mauricio Ochmann told half the world that he was deeply in love with his new girlfriend, Paulina Burrola.


Renata Notni is a 26-year-old Mexican actress. She was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos and we have been able to see her in Mexican productions from a very young age. One of his first appearances was in “Postal Code . ” For 2008, he had more notoriety in the telenovela, “Un Hook to the Heart” , alongside other stars of the acting world such as Danna García and Sebastián Rulli.

In 2015 he obtained his first leading role in the telenovela “Amor de Barrio” , where he shared with Mane de la Parra, Pedro Moreno and Ale García.

Among his latest works that he has done we can find “The dragon” , where he again met Sebastián Rulli in 2019. In 2020 he was in the telenovela “Médicos, linea de vida” .

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  • “Zip Code” as Andrea Garza (2006)
  • “A hook to the heart” as Luisa Hernández (2008)
  • “Sea of ​​Love” as Carmen Bracho (2009)
  • “The Force of Destiny” as Lucía Lomeli (2011)
  • “Sweetheart Heart” as María Soledad (2011)
  • “What a beautiful love” as Paloma Mendoza García (2012)
  • “I want to love you” as Mariana Valdez (2013)
  • “Amor de barrio” as Paloma Madrigal (2015)
  • “Dream of Love” as Patricia Guerrero (2016)
  • “My Adorable Curse” as Aurora Sánchez (2017)
  • “Once Upon a Time” as Blanca (2017)
  • “For loving without law” as Sol García Castillo (2018)
  • “The Dragon” as Adela Cruz (2019)
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Aislinn Derbez  showed, on her Instagram account,  photographs  with her sisters  Chiara and Mich .

“She is Mich, my sister and today is her birthday … she is the daughter of my mother and her father. She is 7 years younger than me and yet she always acts (and treats me) like an older sister. She is always looking to learn and grow, she reads a book a week, she is very bright, intelligent, a great writer, she is one of my best friends ” , the artist wrote.

He also said he wanted her right hand on his “Chaos Magic” podcast and that he admired her too much. He also dedicated a space to Chiara, “who I also love.” She also responded to Aislinn by telling her that it makes her laugh too much.

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