All to the GYM! Olyria Roy, Yanet García, Issa Vegas and Yuliett Torres show how they hit the irons hard

All to the GYM! Olyria Roy, Yanet García, Issa Vegas and Yuliett Torres show how they hit the irons hard

All To The Gym Olyria Roy Yanet Garcia Issa Vegas And Yuliett Torres Show How They Hit The Irons Hard

Here is the list of are four Instagram influencer / models and how they look splendid in each of the post they make on their social networks.

They do know how to conquer audiences and either from Instagram, the social media network in which everyone  millions of followers and also accounts on Twitter and more, including private ones, and they do not stop growing on those platforms.

The Russian influencer Olyria Roy, the Mexican influencer Yanet García, the Argentine based in Mexico Issa Vegas, and the also Mexican  have a great secret to look like this.

What is that secret? Well, train hard in the gym and sweat a lot to achieve not only an enviable figure, but also a perfect physical condition.

Some of them, like Issa Vegas, known as the Crossfit Girl and Yanet García, are even influencers in the world of well-being.

We leave you then some of the sessions in which they were seen working hard but also, why not, showing off their charms as only they know how to do it.

Olyria roy

He has been in Dubai for some time and from there he captivates his fans with posts from the beach or from the Marina where a beautiful landscape of the city can be seen. And he also makes different reflections on life in general and on health in particular.

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Yanet Garcia

The famous Weather Girl from television lives happily with her partner Lewis Howes and her dog Mamacita, and maintains a perfect figure thanks to good nutrition and physical activity. She recently opened a profile on a famous private network and is receiving a lot of criticism from her followers, who demand more exposure, although she is clearly not that style.

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Issa vegas

Argentina by birth, and living for years in Mexico, Issa is an example of Fitness Girl, since in her publications she usually shows herself in the gym doing intense physical work. He has even been shown several times with the famous before and after photos, in which the effect of the exercise is seen in his figure.

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Yuliett torres

The Mexican model and influencer always says that everything she looks “is natural” and that her figure has only been modified thanks to physical activity. And of course we believe you.

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Which of these four models and influencers is your favorite?

What do you think?


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