Now you’re going to have problems: 3-year-old girl criticizes her mother after finding her drawing in the trash can

Little Tabby Poole-Marsh was indignant, because a drawing she had made with great enthusiasm had been discarded. His viral video causes a sensation on YouTube and other social networks.

Her Drawing In The Trash Can

The little ones in the house usually have fun with activities that stimulate their creativity such as drawing and the work they do can be considered as something very special for them, but sometimes adults do not usually realize that. That was precisely what happened to a 3-year-old girl who, in a viral video on YouTube that was replicated on more than one social network, criticizes her mother after finding one of her illustrations in the trash can.

The little girl we talked about is named Tabby Poole-Marsh. She, realizing where her drawing was, went directly to her mother, Tamzin Poole, to make it clear that it did not seem right for her to have thrown away what she had done.

According to the viral video shared on YouTube by SWNS , exactly on June 7 this year, the girl told him “this is not right . ” Then he added: “Now you’re going to have problems . ” The mother, upon hearing his words, apologized to him, assuring him that it was an accident; however, the youngest did not believe him.

“Tabby is a very smart and fun little girl and she loves to practice her writing. I had no idea this meant so much to her! I was sitting having a coffee and I heard her screaming down the hall, so I thought ‘this will be funny’ and I took out my phone to record it, ” said the mother, according to the description of the clip broadcast on YouTube by SWNS .

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