Aislinn Derbez: who are the other sisters of the actress that we still don’t know

Mexican actress maintains a very close relationship with her relatives.

Aislinn Derbez
Aislinn derbez

Aislinn Derbez has become one of the best actresses in Mexico and is known for being the oldest of the Derbez. Although much of his personal life is public knowledge, few know who all his loved ones are, especially on the side of his mother Gabriela Michel. The Mexican actress has maintained a very strong bond with her maternal family and here we show you her two sisters, who are not part of the Mexican artistic environment.

Aislinn , in her social networks, made known about her two sisters Mich and Chiara and told how they esteem each other.

It is not just a brotherhood , but Eugenio Derbez also has a pleasant relationship with the Aguilera Michel family, according to the patriarch himself.

“I get along perfectly with Eugenio, I don’t want to tell you that we are great friends, but we greet each other with great respect and affection. He has great appreciation for the part of the family that we did because at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing, ” said Jorge Alberto .

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Aislinn Derbez showed, on her Instagram account, photographs with her sisters Chiara and Mich .

“She is Mich, my sister and today is her birthday … she is the daughter of my mother and her father. She is 7 years younger than me and yet she always acts (and treats me) like an older sister. She is always looking to learn and grow, she reads a book a week, she is very bright, intelligent, a great writer, she is one of my best friends ” , the artist wrote.

He also said he wanted her right hand on his ” Chaos Magic ” podcast and that he admired her too much. He also dedicated a space to Chiara, “who I also love .” She also responded to Aislinn by telling her that it makes her laugh too much.

Aislinn Derbez And Her Sisters (Photo: Aislinn Derbez / Instagram)
Aislinn Derbez And Her Sisters (Photo: Aislinn Derbez / Instagram)


Aislinn Derbez, in an interview, related that she had to learn Czech in Prague and that it was a challenge to speak a language other than Spanish .

“It was a very important challenge for me because I had to speak in Czech, they put me a coach and I also had to learn to read in Czech,” he told a local media outlet.

&Quot;She Is Mich, My Sister And Today Is Her Birthday ... She Is The Daughter Of My Mother And Her Father,&Quot; Said Eugenio Derbez'S Daughter (Photo: Aislinn Derbez / Instagram)
“She Is Mich, My Sister And Today Is Her Birthday … She Is The Daughter Of My Mother And Her Father,” Said Eugenio Derbez’S Daughter (Photo: Aislinn Derbez / Instagram)


Aislinn González Castrejón, better known as Aislinn Derbez, was born in Mexico City on March 18, 1986. She studied Visual Arts at the School of Visual Arts while studying acting at the Actors Studio in New York (2005- 2009): there he played various roles in short films and acted in the play Happy Hour.

She began her artistic career as a model at the age of 15. His career began when he returned to live in Mexico City in 2009. His career became relevant for his first appearances in feature films such as Te presento a Laura (2010) directed by Fernando Noriega and El atentado (2010) by Jorge Fons.

Although she had a short film career, she has achieved five leading roles in cinema: “El cielo en tu vistas” (2012), “Abolition of property” (2012) for which she was nominated for Best Actress at the FICG, “Yerbamala” (2012 ), “Musth” (2013) and the Chilean film “Land of Blood” (2013).

Likewise, he starred in five television series inside and outside of Mexico, among which are: “Los Minondo”, “Bad girls” (2011) and “The promise” (2012). He also dabbled in the theater with the play “I don’t know whether to cut my veins or leave them long.”

Together with his father Eugenio Derbez, he participated several times in the programs “Al Derecho y al Derbez”, “XHDRBZ” and “Derbez en tiempo”, you enter more participations in music videos and web series.

Aislinn González Castrejón, Better Known As Aislinn Derbez, Was Born In Mexico City On March 18, 1986 (Photo: Aislinn Derbez / Instagram)
Aislinn González Castrejón, Better Known As Aislinn Derbez, Was Born In Mexico City On March 18, 1986 (Photo: Aislinn Derbez / Instagram)


When the comments about the great resemblance between Renata Notni and Aislinn Derbez began, many thought that this would cause an annoyance in one of them. None of that happened and on the contrary the two took the comments with pleasure and, apparently, until now they love the idea of ​​being “twins”.

A snapshot was enough for fans to burst into comments and insist on the tremendous similarity between the two. In it, Renata and Aislinn look smiling , which has also given rise to the followers reaffirming that they are like two drops of water. Photography in a short time reached more than 200 thousand likes. “Are we alike?” he wrote next to the image.

But who is Renata Notni? Well, she is a 26-year-old Mexican actress. She was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, and we have been able to see her in Mexican productions from a very young age. One of his first appearances was in “Postal Code . 

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It all started with the comment that Aislinn Derbez made in one of the posts on the account “ Inventadas. Invented ”on Instagram , where controversial videos of actors are uploaded .

In one of its clips, you can see an interview that Gustavo Adolfo Infante did with Victoria Ruffo . The journalist asks if she could accept a role that was not leading .

Ruffo, of course, admitted back then that he wouldn’t , that he always accepted leads . Given this, Aislinn wrote that: “She is not my mother and even so she has inherited it from me …” . Thus, he hinted that she would not take a supporting role in any production either.


Her name is Gabriela Michel and she is a voice actress . Her best known performances are those of Queen Clarion in “Tinker Bell”, Maggie Wheeler in “Twins Game”, Samantha Jones in “Sex & the city”, Primavera in “Sleeping Beauty” and Georgia Jones in ” In full swing”.

She is currently married to the announcer Jorge Alberto Aguilera , with whom she has two other daughters, Mich and Kiara . In these years she has continued active in the dubbing business, providing her voice to various television characters.


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