More Bushy Eyebrows With Micrografts

Micrografts for the eyebrows
Micrografts for the eyebrows

The eyebrows bring harmony to the face, rejuvenate and soften the look and improve aesthetics. Therefore, more and more people pay attention to this special part of the face.

And we don’t just mean women. Men also take care of their eyebrows so that they are in line with the rest of their faces. But in addition to their aesthetic value, the eyebrows have an essential purpose: located on the supraciliary arches, they protect the eye from sweat, rain, wind, or dust, even from the sun.

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To beautify our face, give it personality or attraction, or rejuvenate the look, the eyebrows are usually shaped to leave them completely symmetrical.

The most common is hair removal. The eyebrows are trimmed and defined so that they are proportionate and bring beauty and elegance to the face.

But when we do not have them very populated or they are not proportionate or symmetrical, we can undergo some treatment that gives them volume or that shape that we seek.

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Eyebrow micrografts, a solution for depopulated eyebrows

Aesthetic medicine provides solutions to hide eyebrows that are sparsely populated or with hairless areas. Among them, micro pigmentation and makeup are the most common options.

The problem with these treatments is that, on some occasions, the results are not as natural as we want. In addition, they cannot be used in cases of asymmetry or disproportionate eyebrows.

When it is necessary to completely reconstruct an eyebrow, scalp flaps or skin grafts with hair are usually used. But what if we want our eyebrows to appear more populated if we want to give them more volume or symmetry? The solution is found in hair micrografts.

Hair micrografts are follicular units that are transplanted, one by one, to the eyebrows. The result is natural, but also respects the harmony and personality of the face.

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Not only does it end the problem of alopecia in the eyebrows or that they are sparsely populated, but it also remedies other problems, such as excessive waxing on the eyebrow, which have determined that they have neither the density nor the dimension nor the desired ratio.

At other times, it is a change in the aesthetics of the moment, in fashion, which makes us crave to show off pretty and populated leaves. An example: a few years ago they wore their eyebrows very plucked and thin and now the trend is to have them defined but thick and full.

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Finally, we cannot forget those other people who for health reasons have seen their eyebrows barely have hair or bald spots.

We refer to patients who have undergone chemotherapy treatments or people who, due to disease, have little hair, or subjects who have suffered an injury to the face and who present a scar in the area that prevents the growth of new hair.

In short, eyebrow micrografts are the best solution for people with sparsely populated eyebrows, but also for patients who have suffered diseases, trauma, burns, and wounds …

Even for older people who have seen that over the years the density of their eyebrows has not is the same and they want to remedy them.

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Micrografts for the eyebrows: what do they consist of?

The techniques are the same as those used in the case of micrografts in the scalp to combat alopecia. In this way, the patient who is going to undergo the micrograft in the eyebrow must have a donor area from which to extract the follicles he needs.

Among the usual methods, the FUE and FUSS techniques stand out. These are treatments that, in about two hours, manage to change the appearance of the patient’s eyebrows. We are going to detail what each one consists of.

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The FUE technique allows the micrograft for cases in which the eyebrow has to be repopulated due to a lack of hair or it is necessary to cover a space where the hair does not grow due to a scar, for example.

But it is also effective if the patient needs to completely reconstruct an eyebrow due to an accident, illness, injury, etc.

It is a method that allows you to achieve very natural, highly effective, and long-lasting results. The reason is that the reconstruction is performed hair by hair, that is, the surgeon extracts each follicle from the recipient area and inserts it with the help of a circular scalpel in the area to be repopulated or reconstructed.

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The advantages of the FUE method are several, namely:

  • It is a minimally invasive system.
  • There is no risk of rejection since the hair belongs to the patient.
  • The results are appreciated from the beginning. The patient sees that his eyebrow has much more hair and that his face changes completely.
  • It is a painless treatment.
  • There are no scars left from the transplant.
  • It is practiced on an outpatient basis.

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Regarding the FUSS method, this is very similar to the previous one, except that a strip of tissue with hair follicles is removed, not the follicles themselves. It is usually taken from the back of the head. The follicular units to be transplanted will be removed from that strip of scalp.

Like the previous one, it has many advantages :

  • There are no scars on the eyebrow. Yes in the back of the head, from where the tissue with the hair follicles to be implanted has been extracted.
  • It is a minimally invasive and painless method.
  • Like the previous one, there is no risk of rejection.
  • The results are very natural.
  • It is an outpatient process.

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After treatment

As we have already indicated, the results are visible from the beginning, since the implanted follicles provide greater density to the eyebrows, at the same time that those spaces in which you did not believe in the hair are covered.

For about two days the patient will have to take extreme care not to hit or touch the eyebrow excessively.

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The scars will have to be cleaned gently following the instructions provided by the surgeon and protect the eyebrows from ultraviolet radiation. After two or three days you can return to your normal routine.

On the other hand, it is normal that after undergoing a micrograft treatment for eyebrows, the transplanted hair falls out during the first fifteen days. There is no need to worry. After three to four months, the new hair will start to grow.

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