What characterized Jennifer Aniston throughout the Friends franchise?

A fact that marked the actress during virtually the entire series “Friends” and would become something as legendary as Jennifer Aniston’s character.

Although the Californian actress’s character ” Rachel Green ” created an impression on many people around the world, the truth is that Jennifer Aniston herself was marked throughout the series ” Friends “, and we will explain why.


Jennifer Aniston

The comic rose to fame with her appearance in the most famous ” comedy series ” of the 1990s, named ” Amigos ” in Spanish, and in which a difficult circumstance marked the Hollywood star for the entire ten-season run.

The stars in this production not only had humorous moments, but also others that were impossible to forget, such as Jennifer Aniston’s accident with her stylist, which caused exhilaration later on.


jennifer aniston oscar 2015


The classic look of ” Rachel Green ” remains to be an inspiration for many women today, but it was a nightmare for the ” film producer ” because, according to what she would reveal, she disliked the haircut because of the complexity to style it.



It was during the second season of the fiction’s recording when the native of Los Angeles, California was playing with some friends and had a mishap with her hair, which was finally fixed by the production team in the best way that they finally concluded that he should keep his hairstyle for several more seasons.

The translator of tapes such as “Marley & Yo,” “Almighty,” and “Living with my ex,” among others, was required to retain her style by contract, which stated that the 54-year-old entrepreneur today could not cut herself or combed your hair without authorization from the producers.


Jennifer Aniston Hair-Care Routine: The Products She Swears By, According  to Her Longtime Pros | Vogue


The style was so popular that it was copied all over the world and set trends for years, making it as well-known as Aniston’s character. Years later, Jennifer Joanna’s hairdresser would declare that she was “high” when giving her the classic haircut.

I’ve been drug-free for 14 years. That’s why I feel secure saying it,” he’d remark in a previous interview. Although it was a nightmare for Aniston, there’s no denying that the capillary incident became the talk of the town.

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