Netflix and the top 5 Korean dramas will have you hooked on dramas

Korean series
Korean series

Today, we’ll present you to the 5 finest Korean shows on Netflix that will get you hooked on dramas. Today, we’ll present you to the 5 finest Korean series on Netflix, which will get you hooked on dramas because some of them are among the most popular.

There is no doubt that Korean dramas have become a “must” for people who enjoy the series that everyone is talking about on social media, so we have selected the finest Netflix k-dramas for beginners that will assist you You will be captivated from the first chapter.


It should be emphasized that, with the win of ‘Parasites’ at the 2020 Oscars, South Korea is undeniably fashionable. We never stop receiving news from Asian countries that completely dominate the rest of the earth.

Korean aesthetics is in full ‘boom,’ and we want our skin to be invaded by the exquisite intricacies of small Korean tattoos that are pure art, thanks to the new ‘aesthetic’ current, while k-beauty has been all a revolution in the world of beauty.


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1.heaven is waiting for you

Excellent for fans of Korean drama programs that deal with mental health issues.

A young man with Asperger’s syndrome and his ex-convict uncle perform traumatic cleaning: they organize the lives of those who depart so that their loved ones can learn about the stories that were left untold.


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Hwang Shi Mok (Cho Seung Woo) lost his emotions after undergoing brain surgery as a child.

He is incredibly sensible, but he is also chilly and lonely. He is also one of the few prosecutors that is not corrupt.

By happenstance, he finds himself at the site of a crime one day. Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin meets her there (Bae Doo Na).

They begin collaborating to uncover corruption in the prosecutors’ office and solve a serial murder case.


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3.Prison Playbook

This prison series is not well-known, but it is one of the best Korean series on Netflix, and it only has one season of 16 episodes (as is customary), but each episode is 90 minutes long.

A baseball player preparing to begin his professional career ends up in prison, a new environment in which he must learn the rules from the ground up.

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The film introduces us to Yeo Mi-Ran, a young lawyer who despises losing to men, and Nam Kang-ho, a pompous actor who despises women.

What begins with an uncomfortable encounter and progresses via misunderstandings and resentments until a chemistry-filled love connection is formed. It’s quite thrilling.


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5.your time calls

‘Your Time Calls’ is a love drama in which Jun-hee, who misses her late fiancé, travels back in time to 1998 to meet Si-heon, a man who looks exactly like him.

Kang Hoon, the youthful star of ‘Red Sleeve’ and ‘The Sisters,’ plays Jung In-gyu, an 18-year-old pure-hearted guy caught between friendship and love after realizing that Min-ju, the A girl he has long admired, is in love with his best friend Si-heon. The premiere date is set for 2023.

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