Valentina Pinault, Salma Hayek’s daughter: Everything You Need to Know

Salma Hayekk
Salma Hayekk

Valentina is the daughter of Desperado actress François-Henri Pinault and her husband.

Salma Hayek and her rich businessman husband, François-Henri Pinault, are frequently in the news. But what about Valentina, their adolescent daughter?

Valentina Pinault: Inside the charmed life of François-Henri Pinault and Salma  Hayek's daughter | Daily Mail Online

The young celebrity recently attracted media attention after she was spotted with her mother at the Oscars Vanity Fair after party. Valentina has a far from average existence as the daughter of a Hollywood movie star and the President of a luxury goods company that owns names like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

And as the adolescent spends more time on the red carpet with her parents, more information about her unusual life emerges.

Salma Hayek Says She Keeps Her Kids 'Humble' at Christmas with Gifts

Valentina Paloma Pinault’s age?

Salma and François-Henri have a 15-year-old daughter. On September 21, 2007, the adolescent was born.

In April 2008, the Magic Mike’s Last Dance actress told People magazine’s Spanish version that having Valentina was: “The most fantastic experience I’ve ever had – and I’ve done a lot.

Salma Hayek Says She Keeps Her Kids 'Humble' at Christmas with Gifts

“I’m sure there are lots of women who think, ‘God, what a wonderful life, she can do this or that,'” the Hollywood actress continued. “Yet there is nothing more remarkable I have done than have a child.”

Valentina’s mother posted a compilation of images and an homage to her on Instagram on her 15th birthday, which read: “Happy quinceaera anniversary, my darling. Valentina, you are everything to me; thank you for brightening our lives with the power of your lovely soul. It is an honor to be your mother. I adore you wholeheartedly.”

Salma Hayek y la preocupación por el futuro de su hija, Valentina Paloma

Salma’s usage of the name “Quinceaera” is a nod to her Mexican heritage, as a quinceaera is a Mexican and Spanish ceremony that marks a girl’s journey into womanhood on her fifteenth birthday. During these celebrations, the girl celebrating her 15th birthday is referred to as the quinceaera.

In the video below, you can learn more about Salma’s ancestry and her and Valentina’s extended relatives.

All About Salma Hayek's Daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault

Valentina Hayek, Salma Hayek’s daughter, speaks what language?

The daughter of the House of Gucci actress is trilingual. Valentina was raised in a family where Spanish, English, and French were all spoken.

While the celebrity adolescent has yet to make hundreds of appearances in front of the world’s media, she has already had opportunity to show off her remarkable language skills when out in public supporting her parents.

Who is Salma Hayek's daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault? | The Sun

Valentina, for example, delivered competent interviews to both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking outlets when she accompanied her mother to her inauguration on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in November 2021.

Valentina, on the other hand, has been dazzled by her language abilities since she was able to speak. The Express claimed in 2013 that Salma’s five-year-old daughter was already humiliating her parents’ less-than-fluent attempts at trilingualism.

Who Is Salma Hayek's Husband? All About François-Henri Pinault


“I’ve lived in Paris (sic) for like five years and I still can’t speak French, and it’s so humiliating…” Salma informed the newspaper. “Valentina not only has to interpret everything for me, but she also has a talent for impersonating… she makes fun of us.

“She can imitate me trying to talk English and me trying to speak French,” the From Dusk Till Dawn star said. “She can do any accent and I can’t speak any language!”

Valentina Paloma Pinault |

Valentina stated in a joint interview with her mother for Vogue Mexico in 2022 that she enjoys the connection she feels with her mother when they speak Spanish together.

“When we have more people, I like it because it’s like a secret because nobody speaks Spanish because I speak French with my dad,” she told the tabloid. “I think it reinforces unity, the family link; it improves the bond we have,” Salma said.

How many children does François-Henri Pinault have? Salma Hayek and husband  attend Balenciaga show with their daughters

Salma, how old was she when she had her daughter?

Salma Hayek was 41 when she gave birth to her daughter Valentina Paloma in 2007. François-Henri, her spouse, was 44 years old.

Prior to meeting Salma, François-Henri had been married once before, and he had two children from his former marriage to Dorothée Lepère: François, 25, and Mathilde, 22.

Salma Hayek keeps her kids humble by giving them modest presents at  Christmas | Daily Mail Online

Between 2005 and 2006, the businessman was in a relationship with Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista, with whom he has a son, Augustin James, who is now 16 years old.

While her husband’s relationship with Augustin was previously difficult due to a custody battle, Salma appears to have always been a loving stepmother to her three stepchildren.

Salma Hayek keeps her kids humble by giving them modest presents at  Christmas | Daily Mail Online

In 2021, Mathilde told Vanity Fair Italy that she frequently calls the 56-year-old for help on how to get through difficult times in her life. Meanwhile, François and Augustin accompanied Salma and Valentina on a ski excursion in 2022.

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