Salma Hayek’s daughter responds to Oscars criticism: Valentina Paloma addressed her nose job critics

salma hayek bikini 7
salma hayek bikini 7

Salma Hayek‘s daughter attended the Oscars for the first time, but criticism followed.

The children of various actresses walked the champagne carpet at the 95th Oscars, including Valentina Paloma, who posed with her mother, Salma Hayek.

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The 15-year-old girl wore a crimson dress from 26 years ago to celebrate her debut performance in the greatest movie event.

According to Univision, his participation at these awards was praised on social media, but his appearance was not.

“Why do you want to grow up so fast? when she is barely 15 years old”, was one of the first comments that the teenager responded with a simple: “I wonder what you thought you would gain from this comment”

This responded Salma Hayek’s daughter to criticism. Salma Hayek’s daughter released a nine-second video of her Oscars preparations on her February 2021 TikTok account.

Valentina Paloma’s lip sync with a popular song garnered over 750,000 “Likes,” however negative comments overwhelmed this.

Salma Hayek

“Good nose job and hair colour,” another social media user said, implying that the wannabe actress was unattractive. “It’s natural (her nose), but thank you,” she said. Blondes are more fun,” she wrote.

Valentina Paloma has been ridiculed by Internet users before, but she seems to have learnt to ignore it at a young age.

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