They reveal that Sofía, Ninel Conde’s daughter, is “ashamed” of her mother

Ninel Conde’s daughter is “ashamed” of her mother, as revealed by a friend

Ninel Conde Gets Intellectual And Shows Off A Great Body In A Spicy Interior Outfit Photo
Ninel Conde gets intellectual and shows off a great body in a spicy interior outfit PHOTO

Sofía, the eldest daughter of the singer and actress Ninel Conde, is allegedly “ashamed” of her mother, as confirmed, which spoke with a friend of the 25-year-old girl.

According to the source, Sofía Telch, Ninel’s daughter with the Mexican actor Ari Telch, spends her time partying and living in excess, and she is ashamed to say that Ninel Conde is her mother.

“It’s untied. She says that she is working, but in reality, I don’t see her doing anything, just getting drunk, because she loves partying. (…) ”, declared her supposed friend.

The source assured that Sofía, who studied abroad and returned to Mexico, is resentful of Ninel Conde because since she was a child they made fun of her for her mother’s way of dressing, who is characterized by being extremely sensual. In addition, Ninel allegedly did not take care of her daughter when she was a child, but she made him a babysitter.

She does not tell anyone who her mother is, because it bothers her because she has never taken care of her and, in addition, she is ashamed of Nine l”, indicated the cited source.

Sofía’s supposed friend indicates that Ninel Conde is worried about her daughter.

The truth is that Ninel Conde’s personal life has been involved in controversy. Years ago she had a relationship with Larry Ramos, who was accused of fraud. She then was in a legal battle for the custody of her son that she had with her ex-partner Giovani Medina her legal fight for the custody of her son with her ex-partner Giovani Medina.

Sofía has not used her social networks for more than a year, even though she has more than 80 thousand followers. However, she reappeared with some curious messages in her stories.

“When a narcissist has lost control over you, they try to control how others see you,” says the first message.

In the following image, he quoted a message from Stephanie Bennett-Henry: “I’m sorry you had to make me the villain of your story to stay in the light and keep viewers in the dark. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… for you. I do not wish to clear my name in her fiction book. Paint what you need to paint of me so the guilt doesn’t feel so heavy. I am light as a feather”, she reads herself.

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