Camila Cabello, the other great protagonist of the final of the ‘Champions’

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Camila Cabello The Other Great Protagonist
Camila Cabello the other great protagonist

She has just released his new album, Familia, but the successes do not stop. Camila Cabello has announced that she will be the protagonist of the opening ceremony of the Champions League final, which will be held on May 28 in Paris, and will face Real Madrid and Liverpool. She will perform her best-known songs, but also her new hits, such as Bam Bam (in which she has collaborated with Ed Sheeran) or Don’t Go Yet, and we will see her more diva version succeed on stage that other artists have previously conquered . like Alicia Keys, Dua Lipa, or the Black Eyed Peas. According to the singer, she is not the biggest fan of sports, but she is a regular spectator: “I am not as much a fan of football as most of the people who go to see it, but I do like it, it is the one that most I like to watch,” he told People magazine.

And it’s not just how much she likes football, but she’s also interested in the kind of people she’s going to be able to meet: ” I’m super excited. There are going to be cute footballers, so all victories “, she commented with a sense of humor. On who is her favorite team to win the cup, she did not want to choose either: “I think the English are cute and the Spanish too”, she revealed with an amused smile. At the moment, what matters most to him is to offer the best possible show , so he is already preparing what will be his first big live show since he released his new album, with five minutes on stage to try to show all his talent. family is her third studio album and reflects on the emotions of recent years with the authenticity that has always characterized her. She has revealed that she has served as a therapy to recover from her breakup with Shawn Mendes, from the media pressure to always be perfect, the pandemic, and much more.

Camila Cabello, The Other Great Protagonist Of The Final Of The 'Champions'


In addition, its twelve new songs include several songs with live music recorded in the studio, something very unusual in the pop scene. “There is something very primal about real instruments. Listening to the guitar, the whistles, the percussion… it seems like something we need more than ever in this super digital and technological age,” she said, explaining that for her it was an experience that made her “get your feet on the ground”. She also brought her back to her childhood, to the sounds she grew up with, that have marked her career so strongly until now.

Camila Cabello, The Other Great Protagonist Of The Final Of The 'Champions'


Camila Cabello’s Cuban-American origin is one of the foundations of her musical style, something that Selena Gomez (whose father was Mexican) has also tried. Both artists have become very good friends in recent years, and are even part of the same group, as they have said and we have also seen in the videos they occasionally share with their followers. ” I have the feeling that she never pretends, I don’t have to pretend with her. Those are the most worthwhile friendships,” assured the interpreter of Miss. Both have sung in Spanish, reclaiming their Latin roots, and have managed to find everything they have in common. Curiously, Camila’s career began in the edition of X Factor in which Demi Lovato acted as a judge and coach, at a time when the friendship between the two former Disney girls was not experiencing its best moment.

Camila Cabello, The Other Great Protagonist Of The Final Of The 'Champions'

While Fifth Harmony was the starting point for Camila, the group Simon Cowell put together to keep them all on the talent show acted as a springboard for the 25-year-old singer to get to where she is today. Her separation from the girl group occurred abruptly in December 2016, but as she says in her song De Ella Psychofreak, along with Willow, she “doesn’t blame the girls for how it happened.” After all, the band decided to temporarily pause their work and all the members are currently trying to launch their solo careers, although none with as much success as the protagonist of the new version of Cinderella.

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